Roommate Information

What should I do if I want to live with a friend I already know?

Students have the option to request a particular roommate on their housing application. BOTH students should be sure to include each other on their application. You will need University Identification Numbers (UIN) to do this.

How are roommates matched?

Students have the option to request a particular roommate on their housing application (see question above). If students do not include a preferred roommate, they are matched based on preferences indicated on the housing application. It is important students fill out these forms as honestly as possible. We base matches on these preferences (cleanliness, bed time, study habits, music preferences, etc.) because we know differences in these areas are the most common roommate concerns and reasons students request a room change once the year has begun. Unfortunately, due to our volume of incoming students, it is rare that preferences not included on this form can be considered.

What if my roommate and I do not get along?

Living with a new person is a great opportunity to learn more about others. We expect all roommates to make a good-faith effort to be respectful of one another’s right to live and study in their assigned spaces and discuss any concerns with one another as they arise. Though Residence Life does its best to match students based on specific preferences, we recognize the reality that some matches will not work. Should a roommate conflict escalate, students should first talk with their Community Leader and attempt to resolve any concerns with their assistance. If a mutual decision is made that the roommates can truly no longer live in the same space respectfully, relocation will be considered a last resort and can only be approved by the Assistant Director for Residence Life or the Director of Student Life.