Hall Specifics and Costs

What is the Cost of living on campus?

The Summer 2019 rate is $1,186.00 per term for Albatross and Polaris Halls for double occupancy and $1779.00 for single room occupancy. (This is where summer school students are typically housed)

The 2018-2019 rate is $2,656.00 per person, per semester, in Hullabaloo and Oceans,  for a double occupancy residence hall room. [Summer Rate: $1043.00 for double occupancy and $1564.50 for single occupancy]

The 2018-2019 rate is $3,019.00 per person, per semester for Albatross and Polaris Halls, for a double occupancy residence hall room. This cost is higher because rooms in these buildings include private bathrooms, refrigerators and in-room kitchenettes.

The 2018-2019 rate is $3,381.00 per person, per semester for Atlantic and Pacific Halls, for a double occupancy residence hall room. [Summer Rate: $1329.00 for double occupancy and $1993.50 for single occupancy]

The 2018-2019 rate is $3927.00 per person, per semester for Texas Maritime Academy Hall, for a double occupancy residence hall room. [Summer Rate: $1542.00 for double occupancy and $2313.00 for single occupancy] 

*The 2018-2019 rate is $4528.50 per person, per semester Albatross/Polaris Hall for a single suite room. This option, when available, is only made available for returning upper classmen residential students.

****The rates above are formulated from daily rates which we base on 112 billable days for the fall and spring semester: Please be advised that these rates may change. They have been proposed and pending approval****

*Meal plans are NOT included in these rates.  Meal plans are required for residents in ALL residence halls with the exception of upper-class students in Albatross and Polaris Halls. Please visit dining services for more information

What are the differences in the residence halls?

More specific information about each building can be found here.

Do you have floor plans for the residence halls?

Yes, they can be found here.

What comes in the residence hall rooms?

Every residence hall room includes the following furniture per resident:

  • A twin bed and mattress (We recommend extra-long twin or deep-pocket twin sheets for mattress toppers)
  • A desk with chair
  • Three drawer dresser unit
  • Small bookshelf
  • Closet or wardrobe

Albatross and Polaris halls also come with a kitchenette including 2 electric stove-top burners, a refrigerator, along with a kitchen table and 2 chairs (Only in Double rooms in Polaris). Students in Hullabaloo or Oceans halls should provide their own refrigerator if they would like one. Please refer to our Residence Hall policies for information about other kitchen and cooking equipment permitted.

Is internet available on-campus?

Yes! Our campus provides ethernet and wireless internet through MyResNetMyResNet is a residential network provided by Apogee to provide residence with reliable, high-speed access and 24/7 customer support.  The Basic Plan is designed for TAMUG students at no additional charge-providing the 2 Mbps of download speed.  Students also have the option to upgrade for additional services for a fee.  

Students are NOT permitted set up their own wireless network or bring wireless routers to campus, as it may ruin the connection for others. For further information about computing on campus contact our Information Systems office at 409.740.4714.

What laundry services are available?

Laundry facilities are available in every residence hall. Washers and dryers are free-use (a nominal laundry fee is included in the student fees paid each year). Students may track the availability of laundry machines via the Laundry View website.

Can I make long distance calls from my room?

In-room land-line phone numbers are provided to students who request it.  Students must provide their own phone and will need to provide a calling card in order to make long-distance phone calls. Most students utilize personal cell phones for phone calls.

Are Health Services available to students?

YES! While enrolled at least half-time for any semester, students will have access to free office visits at the UTMB Family Medicine Clinic. Please note that not all costs are covered, ER and Hospital In-Patient care costs are NOT covered. For more information about the student health services, please visit the health services website.

Students may make an appointment to visit the UTMB Clinic (located on the 4th floor of the UTMB Clinic building, on Harborside Drive, parking garage 2) at 409.772.2166. Clinic hours are 8am-5pm. Students should take their student ID and private insurance information.