Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall Association is a student organization that serves residents who live on-campus, lead by student leaders from the residential community.  They frequently coordinate events and combine resources to improve the social, cultural, and recreational development of students within the residence halls.  RHA is a student body within Residence Life that advocates for residents' needs and concerns to satisfy the needs of on campus residents as members of the TAMUG community.

Anyone who lives on campus in one of the 7 residence halls is considered a general member of the Residence Hall Association.  There are plenty of opportunities to be actively involved in the leadership of RHA, such as serving on event committees or being selected as the Hall Representative for your community.  Whether you want to vote on the movies brought to campus, have a fun idea for an event, or want to voice your opinion on resources- RHA has something for everyone!

Make sure you join the RHA Wheelhouse page for the most up to date information about our meetings and programs! 

Our Fall Meetings are Mondays at 7:15 in the Pacific Media Pit (2nd Floor).

Office Location: Mariner 4106