Living Learning Community

The Office of Academic Enhancement works with TAMUG Faculty and Staff to implement Learning Communities (LCs) and Living Learning Communities (LLCs) to give students enriching academic experiences outside of the classroom. LCs and LLCs are designed to aid students in meeting their collegiate goals while enforcing the idea of community and personal connections among peers, Faculty, and Staff. LCs and LLCs have courses in which students enroll via HOWDY using the LCSE course code. LCSE course do not carry tuition or course credit, but may carry a fee if the faculty host deems this to be necessary for field trips and guest speakers.

Click to Apply for the Lead LLC!
Fill out the online application and submit it to by the due date to be considered for one of our exciting Learning Communities! Any new student is eligible to apply, but may not apply to the SAIL LLC. SAIL students are selected during the University Admissions process. Applications will be reviewed and students will be offered acceptance to the LLC prior to Fall Move In.
For more information, please contact the Office of Academic Enhancement
at (409) 741-4343 or at