Living Learning Communities - LLCs

Learn Outside the Classroom!

The Office of Residence Life works with TAMUG Faculty and Staff to implement Learning Communities (LCs) and Living Learning Communities (LLCs) to give students enriching academic experiences outside of the classroom. LCs and LLCs are designed to aid students in meeting their collegiate goals while enforcing the idea of community and personal connections among peers, Faculty, and Staff. LCs and LLCs have courses in which students enroll via HOWDY using the LCSE course code. LCSE course do not carry tuition or course credit, but may carry a fee if the faculty host deems this to be necessary for field trips and guest speakers.

Currently Offered LCs & LLCs:

Lead LLC


Aggies are leaders. Members of the LEAD community enroll in leadership classes and learn how to apply their leadership skills to their field of study. Students who participate in this program become leaders in the campus community, work in clubs and organizations to help other students become leaders, and work toward the success of TAMUG's community service projects.

For questions, contact Sarah West at



Members of the MAST Learning Community are exemplary students who further one another's efforts in becoming future scholars of the ocean and her ports by engaging in studies of history, culture, and the sea. Building yardarms, forges, and trebuchets, as well as testing medieval cooking recipes and taking boat tours around the island are only some of the projects undertaken by this enthusiastic group of like-minded students, faculty, and staff. Please note that MAST does not have a common residential component at this time.

Learn more about the MAST program here. For questions, contact Adam Haney at


Students placed in this living learning community participate in the unique opportunity to gain extra preparation for the following Fall Semester by taking specialized courses during the Summer II Term. During this time, Galveston Gateway students learn the necessary skills needed for successful matriculation in higher education and transition smoothly into the Fall Semester. Please note that students are placed in Galveston Gateway by the Admissions Office, as opposed to applying for it.

Learn more about the Galveston Gateway program here.



SEA community members enroll in SCUBA courses their freshman year to jump-start their Scuba certifications and experience. Participants are encouraged to pursue the Minor in Diving Technology and Methods, as well as certifications as a Diving Professional or Scientific Diver. Students learn all facets of diving, from equipment repair to different dive systems for a wide variety of underwater environments.

Learn more about the SEA program here. For questions, contact Vianne Euresti at



WAVE members will work toward their certification as small vessel operators and gain the ability to handle, maintain, and repair small port vessels, dive boats, and fishing boats. While gaining professional experiences as a mariner, they discover what it means to be a member of a nautical crew.

Learn more about the WAVE program here. For questions, contact  us at

Journalism & Communication LC

Members of JCLC (Journalism & Communication Learning Community) are interested in journalism, communication, and media studies. This is an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of developing a news story from start to finish and seeing their name in print and online in the Nautilus, TAMUG's student newspaper. Students will develop a professional portfolio of their work. The JCLC is open to all majors. JCLC does not have a common residential component at this time.

For questions, contact Dr. Katherine Echols at

Ready to Apply?


In order to apply, you must first be officially accepted to the university.  You will need to create a Wheelhouse account to access the application form.

Submit an application via Wheelhouse before the deadline.  Accepted students will be given access to enroll in the LCSE course.