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Texas A&M Maritime Academy CO Staff

HOP Staff

Hullabaloo, Oceans and Pacific Hall Community Leader Staff

AAP Staff

Albatross, Atlantic and Polaris Community Leader Staff

Community Leaders

The Community Leader (CL) is an important member of the Residence Life staff.  He/she is generally an undergraduate peer leader who works with a group of 50-75 residents.  The Community Leader is supervised by the Housing Coordinators, and also report to the Assistant Director for Residence Life and Director of Student Life.  For students living in Battalion housing, Company Commanders (CO) or Executive Officers (XO) also serve as Community Leaders and work for the Office of Residence Life.

Working together, the Community Leaders support and carry out objectives, policies and procedures of Texas A&M University at Galveston, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Student Life Office. They are available for conflict mediation, help residents with transitioning and making connections to campus resources, and enjoy providing engaging programs for their residents to enjoy. Community Leaders staff the main office from 8AM - 2AM daily and are on-call after 2AM until the office re-opens next day.

The 2017-2018 Community Leader Staff

Atlantic Hall

Pacific Hall

Oceans Hall

Hullabaloo Hall

Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall

Albatross Hall

Polaris Hall

Bradley Albrecht - 1st Floor

Bradley Albrecht

Mollie Kaarlsen - 1st Floor

Mollie Kaarlsen

Clayton Allen - 2nd Floor

Braden Gilcrease

Kyle Donnelly - 2nd Floor

Kyle Donnelly

Cody Griffin - 3rd Floor

Jarrod Norwood

Mary "Julia" Collmorgen - 3rd Floor

Mary Collermorgen


Luther "Creason" Young - 1st Floor

Luther Young

Damaris Villalobos - 1st Floor 

Damaris Villalobos

Amanda Olson - 2nd Floor

Amanda Olson

Rosa Wolf - 2nd Floor

Rosa Wolf

Andres Coli - 3rd Floor

Andres Coli

Laura Toungate - 3rd Floor

Laura Toungate

Braden Gilcrease - 1st Floor

Braden Gilcrease

Dallas Henderson - 2nd Floor

Dallas Henderson

Kc Franks - 3rd Floor

Kc Franks

Laney Funk - 1st & 2nd Floor 

Laney Funk

Drake Lunney - Alpha 1 

Drake Lunney

Madeline Salmon - Alpha 2 

Madeline Salmon

Paden Matlock - Bravo 1

Paden Matlock

Harold "Diego" Smith - Bravo 2 

Harold Smith

Makenzie Jones - Charlie 1 

Makenzie Jones

David Main - Charlie 2 

David Main

Gabriel Vazquez - Delta 1

Gabriel Vazquez

Jack Clark - Delta 2 

Jack Clark

Michael Barnaba - Echo 1 

Michael Barnaba

Gregory Grimm - Echo 2 

Gregory Grimm

Benjamin LaPrade - 6th Floor

Ben LaPrade

Todd Jahns - 6th Floor 

Todd Jahns

Tyler "Dean" Peterson - 1st Floor

Tyler Peterson

Emma Halter-Mann - 2nd Floor

Emma Halter-Mann

Katherine "KT" Adams - 1st Floor 

Katherine Adams

Jarrod Norwood - 2nd Floor

Jarrod Norwood