Check-in Crew

Who Are We?

Check-In Crew is a freshmen leadership organization that strives to build the future leaders of Texas A&M at Galveston and the Galveston community. Our organization participates in a variety of campus and community events while encouraging its members to do the same. 

 Check-in Crew

What is Check-in Crew Week?

The main activity of Check-In Crew is the week before school begins. Students will participate in an assortment of team building activities, meet with campus leaders, and get to know the campus and Galveston Island. These activities all lead up to the final event of the week, which is moving students in on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is a wonderful experience where you can meet new people and get a feel for the school before the semester begins.


When is Check-in Crew Week?

Check-In Crew Week will be held August 21st to August 27th.  Students who apply must be sure to sign up for Salt Camp 1 to avoid any scheduling conflict. Student that are in the Corps. of Midshipmen and Aggie Crew are unable to join Check-In Crew due to scheduling conflicts. There will be fee of $70 to cover food, t-shirts, and a variety of activities throughout the week. Applications are due July 1st.  

To Apply for Check-in Crew:

Click the button below → Click on forms → Fill out the “Check-In Crew Freshman Application”

If you have any questions please contact us at

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