Checkin' Crew

Who Are We?

Checkin’ Crew is a freshmen leadership organization that strives to build good leadership skills in our group members, which will translate into them becoming leaders around campus and in future job opportunities.

What is Checkin’ Crew Week?

Our main activity is the week of before school starts, where we have speakers, play games that encourage teamwork, and have a good time. This week will give you an opportunity to learn about the campus and Galveston, and eventually this all leads up to helping students move in on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It is a wonderful experience and a great way to meet new people and to get a feel for the school before classes start.


When is Checkin' Crew Week?

Checkin' Crew Week will be held August 19-25th to August 24-30th. Students who apply must be sure to sign up for Salt Camp 1 to avoid an overlapping conflict. There will be an organizational fee of $65 to cover food, t-shirts, and activities throughout Checkin’ Crew Week.

Apply for Checkin' Crew!

We at Checkin’ Crew hope you will give this a chance and Apply HERE on our Wheelhouse webpage. We can’t wait to see who applies and we are all looking forward to having a great week and summer!