Watch Movies Online: SWANK Live Streaming Movies


TAMUG is proud to present a new service that we are providing for students who live on campus. Students are now able to strean movies online, similar to how Channel 3 offered movies TAMUG has its very own network of movies for students to choose from and view at their leisure. This service is provided to students who live on campus and can only be accessed if your computer is connected to the residence life network (Resnet). If you do not live on campus you will not be able to access this service.

*Please make sure that your computer has Internet Explore, Safari or Google Chrome, these are the only web browsers that support the software for the live streaming. The program will ask you to download the plug-in Google Widevine Maximizer. After you have download/installed the plug-in, exit out of your browser and visit the website again. We are excited to offer a new and innovative residential entertainment experience for our students and we look forward to improving and maxing the on campus experience!

Visit our site  or CLICK on the ICON below to watch NOW

Live stream