Roommate Concerns

Living with a Roommate

One of the exciting parts about living on campus is expanding relationships with other Sea Aggies. While it can be scary not to know your roommate, many great friendships begin with sharing new experiences.

Many students experience questions or anxiety about living with someone new. It is our goal to assist students in developing these new relationships. We do not accommodate roommate change requests based on first impressions or assumed differences. When conflicts arise, we encourage roommates to communicate their concerns to each other honestly and constructively. However, we acknowledge there are times when a third-party perspective, such as from a Community Leader or Housing Coordinator, helps in the mediation process.

Roommate Communication

One of the first things that you will complete upon move-in, is the Roommate Contract. The purpose of this contract is to foster relationships between roommates. During this time, you will discuss one another's needs and rights in your shared living arrangement. The Roommate Contract is a way to reduce the potential conflict between roommates. Changing rooms is one of the last options possible.

If you are experiencing conflicts with your roommate, we encourage you to first discuss the concerns with your roommate(s). If the issue cannot be resolved, then the next step will be to discuss the concerns with a community leader. Community leaders are trained and prepared to help residents with potential roommate conflicts. Should the issue not be resolved between the two roommates, and the community leader; then the next step will be to discuss the conflict with a Housing Coordinator. Housing Coordinators are professional staff members who oversee conflicts that require a 3rd party and are trained in conflict resolution and low-level mediation. If after a concerted effort from all roommates does not resolve the issue to a habitable level, we're happy to explore other living options, which may include a move. Typically, students cannot ask that a roommate be relocated. Only in rare cases that involve a documented breach of university rules will a student be reassigned or removed from their assignment.

Room Change Requests

Room change requests may be honored under certain circumstances.  We acknowledge that at times assigned roommates will not be able to live together any longer. If you have made every honest attempt (as outlined above) to resolve roommate conflicts, we may approve a room change request. We also recognize that a group of students may determine that switching rooms amongst each other, may be desirable. In this circumstance, all individuals must speak with the Assistant Director of Residence Life and complete the room change request form below. Additionally, residents may take advantage of the form below to request a room change between Fall and Spring semesters.