Checking In/Out Procedures

Fall Semester Procedures

All students may move in beginning at 8:00 AM on the Friday prior to the start of fall classes.

Residence Life Office personnel must officially check you into your room when you enter housing (or are authorized to change rooms) and officially check you out of your room when you leave housing (or are authorized to change rooms).  You will sign a housing contract, fill out an "in case of emergency" form, and receive a "Room Condition Report" or "RCR" to check the inventory and condition of your room and bathroom. Residents will be held accountable for any new damage or missing furniture.  Failure to officially check in/out of a room will result in an “Improper Check-In /Out” charge.

Check-Out is 24-hours after the student's last Final Exam OR by 12:00 PM on the day after all Final Exams (whichever comes FIRST).

Graduating students will have until 12:00 PM, on the Sunday following commencement to complete their check-out.

Students who will NOT return to the SAME room on-campus for the Spring semester MUST complete a full check-out with their Community Leader prior to leaving. This may include moving rooms prior to leaving for the break, and will MINIMALLY include packing up all belongings in preparation for an immediate move as soon as the student returns for the Spring semester. Students not returning to TAMUG for the Spring semester will complete a check-out.

Students who WILL return to the SAME room in the Spring may simply leave campus once they have completed the check out procedures indicated on the Winter Break Check Out list. 

ALL students MUST check-out by these designated days & times.

Students who leave their belongings in their room over the break will NOT have access to their room over the Winter break.

Spring Semester Procedures

All students may move in beginning at 12:00 PM on the Friday prior to the start of spring classes.

Check In Procedures

You must come to the Residence Life Office to check into your assigned room.  For Fall, Spring and Summer terms, specific days are designated as check-in days. Students may not check-in to their room prior to this designated day without written permission from the Assistant Director for Residence Life.

1) Room Condition Report - This is due within two days of check-in. Check each item listed and note any damages. Be sure to check your room carefully; you will be charged for any damage found at check-out that has not been noted.  Verify the inventory number on each piece of furniture according to the Report.  Be sure to note any damage to the furniture.  You are responsible for the furniture and the condition of the furniture noted on your inventory sheet.  Any missing, broken, damaged, stacked or extra furniture will be charged.  You must sign this Report and return it to Residence Life within two days of check-in. Please note that damages or missing furniture not also noted in a "work order" may not be addressed immediately.

2) It is important to take your time and do a thorough check-in.  A good check -in results in a good check-out and alleviates charges for damages that were not there when you entered the room.  Remember that you will be charged for damages not noted at check-in but found at check-out time.

Due to the lack of storage, we are unable to remove any University furniture from the residence hall rooms.  Students ARE NOT allowed to remove University assigned furniture from their rooms; doing so can result in charges to the resident

Check-Out Procedures

Before leaving the residence halls for Summer break (or at any point when a student moves out of their assigned room), there are a few things students are required to do. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a fine of $50 or more for an improper check-out.

At the end of the Spring semester, students are provided a "Residence Hall Check-Out Check List", this form should be left taped to the outside of their door when they leave the room for the last time.

Check-Out instructions:

1) Schedule a check-out appointment time with the floor Community Leader. If they are unavailable when you plan to leave, talk with them about scheduling a time with another Community Leader. You also have the opportunity to fill out an Express Checkout Form. Completing this forms means you forgo contesting any damages to the room. Failure to schedule your check-out time or complete Express Checkout form will result in an improper check-out fine.

*All residents MUST check-out within 24-hours of their last final exam OR before 12 NOON on Thursday, whichever comes first. (Graduating seniors and those officially participating in graduation ceremonies, check-out is by Sunday.  Non-graduating /commissioning cadets MUST submit written approval from the Commandant to Residence Life prior to finals week to stay past Thursday)

Sample Close-Out Powerpoint Presentation

Charge Sheet for Damages