Undergraduate Research Scholars

What is the Undergraduate Research Scholars program?

This program seeks to involve any eligible undergraduate in the “graduate student” experience and introduce them to the academic publication process and scholarly community. Submissions from teams writing a joint thesis (max of 5 students) are also welcome. This program also ensures the unified format of undergraduate theses published at Texas A&M University. Undergraduate Research Scholars engage in a two-semester (fall/spring) research project conducted under the supervision of a Texas A&M University faculty mentor that culminates in a public presentation and written thesis. Throughout the academic year, students write theses in progression and must meet intermediate submission deadlines. These deadlines are specified in our program timeline and are meant to ensure that theses follow the formatting outlined in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Thesis Manual. Please take into consideration our final thesis deadline when planning your projects. All projects and theses must be completed within our program dates. Upon completion, theses are deposited into the Undergraduate Research Scholars collection in the Texas A&M University Libraries Digital Repository at oaktrust.tamu.edu/handle/1969.1/3367.

Undergraduates who participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program will ultimately:

  • learn the process of writing a thesis
  • learn how to make a public presentation
  • gain knowledge that didn’t come from a classroom such as teamwork, problem solving and leadership
  • improve chances for acceptance into graduate or professional schools, fellowships, and grants
  • gain a better understanding of graduate school
  • network with students and faculty

Galveston Campus Application Deadline Extension


For questions or inquiries contact:
Dr. Liz Borda
Phone: 409-740-4542


2016-2017 Undergraduate Research Scholars

Katerine Adams MARB '18 Michael Lawson MARB '17
Jaime Albach MARB '17 Laura Leonard MARB '17
Jesus Duran Ramirez MARB '17 Amelia McAmis MARB '17
Lucas Friedberg MARB '17 Shelli McGowan MARB '17
Abigail Grant MARB '17 Monika McGuinness MARB '17
Rachel Hamrock MARB/MARF '18 Benjamin Miner MARR '17
Tess Heywood MARB '17 Catherine Risley MARB '17
Aubree Jones MARB '17 Randall Teague MARB/OCRE '18
Kevin Kelley MARS '17 Katie Westmoreland MARB '17
Kathryn Kunz MARB/MARF '17

What are the eligibility requirements? 

To qualify for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program, students must: 

  • have completed at least 60 credit hours of undergraduate course work 
  • have at least 24 credit hours at Texas A&M University 
  • have and maintain at least a cumulative GPA of 3.0 
  • be currently involved or planning to start a suitable undergraduate project* 
  • be expecting to graduate May 2017** or later 

*A suitable undergraduate project is one that is conducted under the supervision of a faculty mentor at Texas A&M University and is in compliance with the Division of Research, through Research Compliance and Biosafety. 

**Students must be in full participation throughout both fall and spring semesters of the program. 

Note: It is recommended (not required) that students participating in this program enroll for 3 credit hours of research during each semester of the program. Read more about earning course credit for research.

How can I apply? 

The application for the Undergraduate Research Scholars program is a multi-step process. Full instructions will be available at a later date at ugr.tamu.edu/UGR/UGRS/Apply

Step 1: Tell us about yourself and your project through our online form, and agree to our specific program timeline. 

Step 2: Submit your project proposal (1000 word narrative) for review and research advisor approval. More information about the proposal can be found at ugr.tamu.edu/UGR/UGRS/Apply/Proposal

Step 3: Proposals must receive approval from research advisors. LAUNCH staff review proposals. 

Step 4: Corrections to proposals may be requested by LAUNCH to complete applications. Submit corrections if applicable. 

Step 5: Additional program information will be communicated to you upon acceptance. 

What kind of benefits and resources does this program offer to its students? 

Workshops: Thesis Formatting (mandatory), Writing Productivity, RefWorks/EndNote, Writing Abstracts, Giving Effective Presentations, and more! 

Thesis Writing (UGST 405-W): LAUNCH offers an optional 1 credit hour Thesis Writing course (UGST 405) in the spring semester. Thesis Writing is taught by the Associate Director for Undergraduate Research at LAUNCH. 

Financial Support: LAUNCH is able to provide students up to $300 for certain research-related expenses. This support comes in the form of a reimbursement that is deposited to the student’s financial aid account. 

Honors Capstone Experience: For students in the University Honors program, participating in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program qualifies as an Honors Capstone experience. Please speak with an Honors advisor directly for additional registration requirements. Note: You do NOT have to be an honors student to participate in the Undergraduate Research Scholars program. 

Recognition: Undergraduate Research Scholars are recognized on their final transcript and at graduation with the Undergraduate Research Scholars official graduation regalia medallion. 

Registration: Students will receive priority registration for the spring semester.