Aggies Commit to Excellence Scholar (ACES)

The Aggies Commit to Excellence Scholar (ACES) program will fund up to 10 undergraduates from all majors to engage in high impact learning and research experiences under the mentorship of TAMUG Faculty in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. The purpose of ACES is to empower all students and encourage underserved student populations to engage in research, as well as offer professional and leadership skills development to foster their interest and aptitude towards pursuing a graduate degree.

ACES students will receive a $1,250 stipend per semester and renewal from the Fall to Spring semester will depend on successful recommendation of the Faculty sponsor and demonstration of appropriate progress. Supported students will be strongly encouraged to apply to the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program. Recipients will present their project results at the TAMUG Student Research Symposium (Spring 2019) and/or other profession conference.  A maximum of one student application per Faculty member will be considered. Selection of students will be based on meeting the eligibility criteria listed below, the quality of the narrative, and letter of support from the Faculty Sponsor.

Applications for '17-18 ACES Scholars are closed!

Applications for '18-19 ACES Scholars will reopen in August 2018

For inquiries please contact Dr. Liz Borda at or 409-740-4542.


2017-2018 Aggies Commit to Excellence Scholars

Katherine Adams MARB '18
Andrew Altizer LIST '18
Richard A. Dally LIST/MAST '18
Cameron Jackson MARB '18
Aubree Jones MARB '17*
Jacqueline Keleher MARB '18
Kathryn Kunz MARB/MARF '18*
Laura Leonard MARB '18
Michael Lawson MARB '18
Ella McIntire MAST '18
Michelle Nguyen MARB '18
William M. Prouse OCEN/OCSE '18
Lillian N. Raley MARB/MARF '18
Taylor Strope MARB/MARF '18
Jill Thompson-Grim MARB '18

Undergraduate Research

ACES  Undergraduate Researchers

2016-2017 ACES


 Jaime Albach MARB '17*

Jesus Duran Ramirez MARB '17*

Aubree Jones MARB '17*

Kathryn Kunz MARB/MARF '17*

Ella McIntire MAST '18

Benjamin Miner MARR '17*

Michelle Nguyen MARB '18

Randall Teague MARB/OCRE '18

Cheyanne Theis MARB/MARF '17*

Katie Westmoreland MARB '17*


To be eligible, the student must:

  • Be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior (not graduating prior to May 2019)
  • Strong interest in engaging in faculty sponsored research (in application narrative)
  • Be registered full-time
  • Any TAMUG major
  • Demonstrate intention to pursue graduate school (in application narrative)
  • Intend to graduate from TAMUG
  • Be available to work a minimum of 10 hours/week on the project
  • Have a Faculty sponsor
  • If you are graduating Fall 2018, you must be engaged in continuing research from AY 17-18.

Individuals from underserved populations1 are strongly encouraged to apply. Individuals already conducting research with a faculty sponsor are also encouraged to apply.

Faculty sponsor must agree to:

  • Assist the student in developing a meaningful research project
  • Provide a high impact learning experience
  • Provide laboratory space (field work is also acceptable), equipment and supplies
  • Meet with the student on a regular basis to monitor project progress
  • Assist student in all aspects of the preparation of a poster and oral presentation (i.e., including data analysis and interpretation)
  • Promote student co-authorship on resulting publication(s), as appropriate

Benefits to the student:

  • Engage in a meaningful research experience
  • Enhance communication and leadership skills
  • Gain graduate school preparation
  • Build a professional network through TAMUG Faculty sponsorship and lab groups
  • Potential for a peer reviewed publication(s)
  • Belong to a Community of Undergraduate Research Scholars and Fellows

1Underserved populations include, but are not limited to: African-Americans, Asian/Asian-Americans (including Native Hawaiians, and/or Native Pacific Islanders), Hispanic Americans, Native American/Alaska Natives, individuals with disabilities/abilities; non-traditional students; veterans; and/or individuals from socially, culturally, economically, or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.