Visiting Scientists

TIO Visiting Scientist

From 2010 to 2014, the Texas Institute of Oceanography (TIO) provide funding up to $25,000 for Visiting Scientists to Texas A&M University at Galveston.        Click on the names to see more information about our visitors.   

Visiting Scientist Name   Country    Sponsored by:
Dr. Shingeyoshi Otosaka Japan Dr. Santschi
Dr. Ying Yin  China  Dr. Quigg & Dr.  Santschi
Dr. Yu Jiang Hao  China  Dr. Davis
Dr. Guan-hong Lee  Korea  Dr. Dellapenna
Dr. Giovani Bearzi  Greece  Dr. Wursig

Visiting Scientists at TAMUG

Forms are required to be completed and  the sponsoring Department Head and the Associate Provost/Chief Academic Officer must be aware of and approve the presence and activities of the visitors.

There are some fundamental issues when considering bringing in a visitor. They include:

  1. Potential liability of the host faculty member,
  2. Liability of the visitor for accidents,
  3. Insurance,
  4. Intellectual property/technology transfer (i.e., signing non-disclosure agreements), and
  5. Conflict of interest.

Consideration of all of the above will be done at the department level.

The Form 5VS will be initiated at the department level and approved by the department head (or associate department head) and the Associate Provost and Chief Academic Officer. The complete Visiting Scientist package is then forwarded to TAMUG’s Research and Graduate Studies Office for submission to TAMU Office of the Vice President for Research.  There, the package will be screened for export control issues. Once approved, the application will be forwarded to the International Faculty and Scholar Services Office with a copy being returned to the TAMUG originating department.

Please send a complete package (5VS and CV) as a PDF to

Form 5VS and General Guidelines


The purpose of this form is to establish administrative approval of a Visiting Scientist agreement. These agreements are of a temporary nature. The form is to be used to establish a new agreement with a Visiting Scientist or to establish a modified agreement related to a change in the original agreement. A letter of justification and a copy of the previous 5VS must be attached if modifying.

International Scholars

Additional forms are required for International Visiting Scientists.  Please see: