Poster Printing

symposium poster

Do you have an upcoming Campus Event, Class Project or Conference to attend?  If so, the Research and Graduate Studies department is available to help by printing a poster for you.  If needed, we can also laminate the poster for you.   Our office  is located in SAGC, suite 300.  It is best if you contact us in advance to let us know what you are going to need and when you will need it by.   Please submit your poster in time to allow for any problems that might arise. (Preferably several days in advance of the time that the poster will be needed)   You may bring the poster by our office on a zip/flash drive or you can e-mail it to:   

  1. We can print posters from Power Point or from PDF. 
  2. The widest we can print is 58 inches. 
  3. Create the poster the size you want it printed. 
  4. Colors on the monitor may be slightly different than what actually prints.
  5. Please allow time for your poster to dry before rolling to transport.
  6. MAC issues – we have had some issues when converting from MAC to PC. It may be beneficial to save your poster as a PDF before bringing to us. 
  7. Lamination is available for posters no wider than 39 inches


Cost of printing is as follows:

Posters: $10.00 per linear foot   

Lamination for poster we printed:  $5 to $15 depending on the size of the poster

Lamination of poster that was printed  elsewhere:  $5 per linear foot


Please contact Carolyn Herman at 409-740-4479 if you have further questions or need to have a poster printed.  

For guidelines on how to create a poster in PowerPoint click here.