TAMUG Faculty Awards

TAMUG- President’s Meritorious Service Award

  • For “Classroom Teaching”  - Dr. Rudy Martinez, Senior Lecturer  in  Marine Engineering Technology since 2006.  
  • For “Student Relations”   - Dr. Kimberly Reich, Director of Sea life Facility and Assistant Research Scientist in Marine Biology

Fall & Spring Teaching Excellence Awards 2012

  • Dr. Susan Knock, Senior Lecturer in Marine Sciences and Director of Academic Enhancement (1996 & 2003) 
  • Dr. Matthew Carroll, Assistant Professor in Marine Engineering Technology (2009) 
  • Dr. Grace Wang, Assistant Professor of Maritime Administration (2008) 
  • Dr. Thomas Iliffe, Professor of Marine Biology, Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and Oceanography (1987 & 1997) 
  • Mr. Tom Oertling, Lecturer in General Academics- nautical Archaeology (2000)
  • Dr. Fred Pearl, Associate Professor of General Academics and Marine Sciences- Anthropology (2000 & 2007)
  • Dr. Sam Mark, Associate Professor of General Academics – Anthropology/Archeology (2001 & 2006)
  • Dr. Tom Linton, Senior Lecturer in Marine Sciences and wildlife and Fisheries Science (1981 & 1989
  • Ms. Leticia Slabaugh,  Lecturer in General Academics- English (2008)

Paul Ricker Award

  • Faculty – Dr. Steve Curley, Regents Professor of general Academics (English) since 1973

 Association of Former Students, Distinguished Achievement Award

  • For Student Relations-  Deborah Maceo, Senior Lecturer in General Academics- Kinesiology (1994 & 2003)
  • For Teaching – Dr. John Schwarz, Department Head and Professor in Marine  Biology and Oceanography (1976, 1986) 
  • Award for Doctoral Research- Dr. Chen Xu, Post-Doctoral Researcher in Marine Sciences

 Awarded Tenure 2012

  • Dr. Anja Schulze, Marine Biology and Oceanography (2006) 
  • Dr. Anna Armitage, Marine Biology (2006)

Regent Professor & Chairs

  • Dr. VonZharen was appointed by the BOR as our newest Regents Professor in the Fall.
  • Dr. Vijay Panchang was Named chair to the Powell Chair in Marine Engineering
  • Dr. Bernd Wursig was Named chair to the George Mitchell ’40 Chair in Sustainable Fisheries

Other Adulations

  • Dr. Steven Curley & Dr. Sam Brody both published books in 2012
  • Sammy Ray- Exhibit at the Smithsonian opened June 30, 2012