Areas of Responsibility

Research & Graduate Studies Office (RGSO) Staff

Dr. Tammy Holliday, Associate VP for Research Operations

◊ Cost Share
◊ Project Rebudgeting
◊ Research  Development Fund Expenditures
◊ Funding Opportunities
◊ Research Compliance

Dr. Antonietta Quigg, Associate VP for Research and Graduate Studies 

◊ Director of Texas Institute of Oceanography
◊ Chief Research Officer
◊ Chair Research Advisory Committee
◊ Indirect Waivers

Nicole Kinslow, Director of Graduate Studies

◊ Graduate Programs
◊ Graduate Assistantships
◊ Internal Graduate Funding Opportunities

Holly Richards, Senior Academic Advisor II

◊ Recruitment and Advising of Graduate Students
◊ Ombudsperson for Graduate Programs

Patty Gonzales, Business Coordinator III

◊ Proposal and Contract Routing and Submissions 
◊ Funding Opportunities 
◊ Budget Preparation

Patti Lambert, Administrative Assistant

◊ General RGSO Information
◊ Poster Printing
◊ RGSO Conference Room Reservations