Intramural Athlete of the Year

The Intramural Athlete of the Year Award is presented annually to one outstanding male and one outstanding female participant that displays exemplary sportsmanship, leadership, participation, and team/individual success.

The winning participants will be invited to the Leadership Banquet in April to receive their awards.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Participate in 3 sports in the fall semester and an additional 3 different sports in the spring semester.
    • Participating in two leagues in the same sport (ex: men's & co-rec) will only count as one sport.
    • Fall basketball and flag football are considered the same sports as spring basketball and flag football and will not count towards the 3 sport requirement in spring if played in the fall.
  • Have a 4.75 average sportsmanship rating across all teams you have participated on.
  • May not have been ejected from an intramural contest.
  • May not be on conduct probation.

Point System:

  • 2 points for captaining a team (capped at 6 points).
    • -1 point for every game a team you captain forfeits.
  • 1 point for every team you participate on.
  • 3 points for Intramural Championship.
  • 2 points for finishing 2nd.
  • 1 point for finishing 3rd.

In the event of a tie, the following criteria will serve as the tiebreaker:

  • Highest sportsmanship average 
  • If still tied - Number of teams captained
  • If still tied - Intramural Sports Council will rank the tied individuals to break the tie.

Intramural Athlete of the Year Recipients:

Male Female

Blake Kabariti

Lauryn Emmitte

Corbin Hoffmann

Lauryn Emmitte

Corbin Hoffmann

Landes Randall

Corbin Hoffmann

Lauren Michalka

Gary Chan

Sarah Horn