The name of this association shall be: The Propeller Club of the United States (Port of Galveston). Located at Texas A&M University at Galveston.


ARTICLE II. Objectives


In addition to the objectives of The Propeller Club of the United States, the object of this association shall be to acquaint its members with matters of interest and importance in maritime matters, domestic and foreign commerce, business administration, and economics; to foster group discussions and individual discourses by either active members of experts in these fields; to afford where practicable illustrations by visits to ships, Shipyards, and naval bases; and to conduct experiments relative to problems in the field of naval architecture, marine engineering, maritime administration, and allied subjects of ship operations; to promote scholarly research in fields of concern to the maritime industry; and to encourage good fellowship among its members.


ARTICLE III. Membership


Section 1. Classes of Membership


There shall be three classes of members:

1.  Active-Paid Member

2. Paid Member

3. Honorary Member


A) All Members shall be among those currently registered in the courses at Texas A&M University at Galveston.


1) Active-Paid Members are those who have paid dues, attend at least 50% of meetings, and volunteer for at least 1 fundraiser, or sponsored or hosted event.


2) Paid Members are those who have paid dues and may or may not attend meetings or events.


3) Honorary Members are those who shall be selected from among men/women of prominence in maritime and allied industries.


Section 2. Duties and Privileges of Members


1) Duties include, but are not limited to attending meetings, paying dues, volunteering for functions, and fundraising.


2) Privileges include, but are not limited to attending national and international conferences, Propeller Club dinners, guest lectures, and club-funded activities.


3) Members shall have full voting power and all the duties and privileges of membership in the Propeller Club. The Honorary Members shall have all the privileges of members except that of voting, and attending dinners and conferences.


ARTICLE IV. Officers


The Officers shall be six in number:


1) Faculty Advisor

2) The President

3) MARA Vice-President

4) MART Vice-President

5) Secretary

6) Treasurer


All officers must be enrolled at Texas A&M University at Galveston at least 6 hours/semester (half-time student).


Section 2. Duties of Officers


1) The Faculty Advisor shall assume the customary duties of this office and has the final say in all club events/activities. The advisor should attend at least one meeting per month.

2) The President shall assume duties as allocated to him/her by the Faculty Advisor, which include, but are not limited to conducting meetings, organizing and controlling club events, and forming committees when the need arises.

3) The Co-Vice Presidents shall assume duties as allocated to him/her by the President or Faculty Advisor. The duties of the Vice Presidents include, but are not limited to, assisting the President and assisting the club in completing their goals and objectives.

4) The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at every meeting, preparing and distributing notes, and memos, and keeping a contact sheet of all members and their activities. The Secretary shall keep a contact list of industry contacts. The Secretary shall send an email to all members and a campus wide email to notify members of upcoming meetings and events and post flyers regarding meeting and events.

5) The Treasurer shall monitor the clubs funds, issue receipts and act as a liaison between the club and the school in any issues pertaining to funds or money.  The Treasurer shall make access to all invoices/receipt to all officers and faculty advisors.


Section 3. Club Agents


1) The number of shall be chosen from the officers, and only for specific purposes.

2) Club agents will be allowed to lead an event, lead fellow members at an event, perform a specific task (one time or reoccurring), or anything else the officers ask of them.

3) Club Agents will be chosen when officers are unavailable or unnecessary to complete a specific task or when an officer needs assistance on a task that is not specified in the Duties of Officers (See IV.2)



Section 4. Election of Officers


1) Before elections all candidates shall read the duties of the office (See IV.2).

2) The President, Co-Vice President, Co-Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer shall be elected before April 1st, during a regular meeting of the academic year by active-paid members who are enrolled at Texas A&M University at Galveston at least half time. The election shall be by secret ballot. The majority Vote (50% + 1), of members present is necessary for a candidate to win.

3) In case of vacancies during the term, an emergency election will be made by active paid members until regular elections are held.

4) President nominees must have served at least one previous semester as an officer. Officer nominees must be active-paid members.


ARTICLE V. Removal/Impeachment of Officers or Faculty Advisor


1) Before a vote can be taken to remove an officer or faculty advisor, a meeting must take place with the officers, faculty advisor and student activities officer to determine the wrong doings.

2) Once the meeting has taken place and the wrong doings are established a vote by secret ballot shall be taken at the next meeting. A vote is not needed if the wrong doings are determined by the Faculty Advisor and Student Activities officer as being so harmful to the club that the officer needs immediate removal.

3) Once an officer or faculty advisor is removed an election to fill the vacancy may be held at the next regular meeting (See IV. 3 above).

4) Once voted on by the active membership, the removal of the Faculty Advisor must be approved by the Director of Student Activities.



ARTICLE VI. Amendments


This constitution may be amended by a majority (50%+1) vote of all members, with the exception of Honorary Members, provided that the proposed amendment had been submitted in writing and read at a previous meeting.


This constitution must be reviewed every two years and resubmitted to the Office of

Student Life. All changes are subject to the approval of the Director of Student Life.




All money collected by the club will be kept in the Student Organization’s account, managed by the Office of Student Life. All deposits will be made within 24 hours of receipt and must be accompanied with a receipt. Two organizational officers must be present for all expenditures and all officers must be aware and have access to receipts/invoices of all expenditures.





­­­­­__________________________________________________   ­­­­­                             ____________________________

President Signature                                                                    Date





­­­­­__________________________________________________   ­­­­­                             ____________________________

Advisor Signature                                                                       Date





(BY-LAWS attached)









1. Meetings and places of meetings:

Meetings shall be at the call of the President as to time and place, or by petition of one-third of the members in residence at the University.


2. Dues and assessments:

Dues shall be as decided by the organization. Currently dues are $20 per semester or $30 for a year (two semesters).


3. Quorum:

A quorum shall consist of three-fifths the Active-Paid Members.


4. Committees:

The President shall have authority to form Committees from time to time to serve the interests of the Port.


5. Parliamentary Authority:

The Parliamentary Authority shall be Robert’s Rules of Order.


6. Amendments:

By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority vote of the members who are in attendance at Texas A&M University at Galveston.


7. Open-Floor:

At the end of each meeting, there shall be an open-floor to anyone who wishes to speak.


8. Receipts and Invoices:

The Treasurer shall maintain a binder in the Office of Student Life that contains all receipts and invoices that shall be easily accessed by all other officers and faculty advisors.


9. Voting:

Officers must give at least one week’s notice before elections are held. The majority vote (50%+1) of active-paid members present is necessary for a candidate to win.