Parking Regulations

Article I  Authority
Authority SB 162 of the 60th Legislature, now incorporated into the Texas Higher Education Code, Sub-chapter E, paragraph 51.201 51.211

Article II  State laws, City Ordinances and Campus Rules and Regulations
All State laws, City Ordinances and Campus Rules and Regulations (adopted by the Board of Regents) are applicable and are enforced within the jurisdiction of the Campus Police.  Campus officers will refer each violation to the appropriate review body; ie: Campus hearing, city or county court system, etc.

Article III  Vehicle Registration

  • Section A  All motor vehicles, as defined by State Laws, parked on the TAMUG Campuses by persons enrolled or employed at TAMUG must be registered with the Campus Police Department and must properly display a current TAMUG parking permit at all times. Parking permits will be valid from the date of issue until the last day of the fiscal year or semester for which they are issued.
  • Section B  Out of State vehicles  In accordance with HB2787 passed by the 77th Legislature, all motor vehicles, registered out of state, being driven by students who reside in Texas, are prohibited from receiving a parking permit from a public institution of higher education unless the State of Texas requirements are met;
    • Current Texas Safety Inspection sticker
  • Section C Students will register their motor vehicles as part of their academic registration procedure or at any time when an automobile is brought onto a TAMUG campus. The parking permits will be issued by the Campus Police Department and must be properly displayed before the vehicle may be parked on any TAMUG campus.
  • Section D  Faculty/Staff, full and part-time employees will register their vehicles on or before the beginning of the Fall semester, or upon employment by Texas A&M at Galveston, whichever comes first. The term “Faculty and Staff” does not include graduate students, teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, or any student employee in any capacity. All persons in these classifications will be defined as students for the purpose of parking regulations.
    • Faculty and Staff members may register their vehicles for the Fall and Spring semesters only, or for the full year as applicable.
    • Part-time Faculty and Staff members (employed on a part-time basis-50% effort or more) shall register their vehicles for the time of their employment.
    • Adjunct faculty who are employed less that 50% effort and receive no benefits will be issued a special temporary parking permit.
  • Section E  Students, Faculty and Staff members may move their legally issued parking permit to another vehicle that they are using in place of their original documented vehicle when the original vehicle is unusable or unavailable for various reasons.  Legally issued permits may be used by the legal permit holder in any passenger vehicle.
  • Section F   Permit holders are not permitted to transfer parking permits to other individuals.  The TAMUG Police Department is the only Campus Department that may issue parking permits for use on Campus property.
  • Section G   Trailers of any kind are prohibited from parking in any Campus parking area unless specifically authorized by the Campus Police Department.  [Exception: Small boat basin and any area that may be dedicated for temporary trailer placement depending on Campus need.

Article IV  Types of Permits

  •  Section A Student Permits:
    • Issued to registered students by the TAMUG Police Department.
    • The permit authorizes the holder to park in the designated student parking areas.
    Students, Faculty and Staff members may register a maximum of two vehicles per person at the regular established rate per permit.
    All vehicles left on campus during Cruise must display a current TAMUG parking permit. (all cruise vehicles are asked to park in the same designated parking area)
  • Section B  Faculty/Staff Permits:
    • Issued to employees of the Texas A&M Campus at Galveston.
    • The permit authorizes the holder to park in any legal parking space, except  Handicap and Visitors spaces.
    • Faculty and Staff members may register a maximum of two vehicles per person at the regular established rate per permit.
    • The Term “Faculty and Staff” does not include graduate students, graduate teaching assistants, graduate research assistants or any student employee in any capacity, as long as they are enrolled in school as a student. 
    Exception:  If a student is employed as a staff member and is not presently enrolled as  a student (example-during the summer)  their status will be determined by their work designation.  Part-time, more than 50% effort, which will require a part-time parking permit or less than 50% effort, which will allow them to receive a special temporary parking permit from the Police department.
  • Section C   Temporary parking permits:
     When a non-permitted vehicle is to be parked on campus on a temporary basis, a special parking permit must be obtained from the Office of the Campus Police. Temporary parking permits will be displayed on the center dashboard area of the vehicle so that patrol officers can easily see them. 
  • Section D  Visitor Parking Permits:
    All visitors are required to sign in with the Police Department or have the appropriate department notify the Police Department upon arrival on campus. The Campus Police will assist them with directions and parking information. Designated Visitor Parking spaces are located in the CLB, Sea Aggie Center and D-Lot parking lots. Each of these lots will also have one parking spot designated as “15 minute parking only” spots.  
  • Section E  Vendors:
    All vendors must sign in with the Police Department (409-740-4545), the Physical Plant (409-740-4547) or Food Services (409-740-4591) upon arrival and must physically sign out  (in the same place if possible) when they leave. The responsible department will keep an accurate, up to date list of vendors on campus. The list will remain current for 30 days.
  • Section F  Special Purpose Graduate Student Permit:
    Many graduate students have been assigned duties that require them to transport teaching/testing/project materials to and from Campus buildings at various times during the school year. In order to easily identify those graduate students who require special parking accommodations, the Department Heads will designate and provide the Campus Police with a list of the appropriate students to receive the accommodation.
    • Any Department head may request special parking permits for  graduate students in their department whose duties require them to have special parking privileges to accomplish their duties.
    • The Special parking permit will be issued at the University Police office, in addition to the regular student parking permit.
    • There is no charge for the Special permit and the permit is good for one or two semesters as the Department Head directs.
    • Only the Department Head or their designee may authorize a special Graduate parking permit.
    • The special permit may be revoked whenever the Department Head or the Police Department determines that the student’s duties no longer require special parking privileges or as a result of adverse conduct by the student.
    The email request must contain the following information to expedite processing:
    • Student Name
    • UIN Number
    • Name of Department/Location of project
    • Duties the student will be performing that requires the special permit
    • Specific semester or semesters he/she is authorized to hold the special permit (up to two semesters)
    • Requested by the Department Head or his/her designee
    • All requests will be kept on file at the Police department until the end of each requested semester.
  • Section G Boat/trailer registration:
    • All boat and trailer owners must register their boat and trailer at the TAMUG Police Department and obtain a parking permit. (Boat/trailer registration identifies the owners/operators of a boat/trailer on TAMUG property.)
    • Only boats and trailers that have a current registration and a current trailer license will be permitted to park on campus. No parking permit will be issued if either boat or trailer has expired registration.
    • All boat/trailers must display a current parking permit on campus.
    • Boat storage is limited to one boat and trailer per person.
    • The boat owner must present proof of ownership to the Police department, fill out a vessel file form stating that the vessel and trailer is in good working condition. (Police department has the right to inspect the boat and trailer at any time.)
    • The Director of the Marine Terminal and the Chief of Police must approve parking a boat or trailer in the Small Boat Basin.
    • Boats may use the small boat basin with permission, but may not be stored there.
    • All boats are subject to the same vehicle restrictions as motor vehicles. Each boat will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the availability of space. (Large boats and trailers may not be eligible for campus storage or small boat basin usage depending on size and other factors.)
    • The only designated boat storage location on the TAMUG campus is the Teichman road campus.
    • Any boat or trailer placed at the Teichman road campus without a permit or without special permission issued by the Chief of Police will be towed at the owner’s expense. No one may “drop off” a boat for any reason without permission. Boats “donated” to TAMUG must be done so in accordance with TAMUG gift policy and procedures.
    • All boats and trailers allowed to park on the Teichman road campus must be kept in good repair. Any boat/trailer that is allowed to deteriorate or become inoperable for an extended period of time (two weeks), with no apparent attempt at repair, will be considered abandoned and may be removed by TAMUG at the owner’s expense. Other conditions of neglect, such as expired license plates, expired TX numbers, expired parking permit, etc, will cause the Police department to investigate the property as abandoned.
    • All boats must be secured at all times in such a way that sudden severe weather will not result in damage to the permitted or other property.
    • In the event of a hurricane, each boat/trailer owner is responsible for removing his/her property at least (72) seventy-two hours prior to projected landfall or upon the closing of campus, to prevent damage to it or to surrounding property. All remaining boats and trailers will be towed at the owner’s expense and owner may be subject to disciplinary action.
    • All boat owners are responsible for any damages that occur due to unsecured boats, trailers and equipment.
    • All boats and trailers must be removed from campus [Mitchell, Ft Crockett and Teichman Road campus] upon completion of the spring semester.
    • All boats remaining after June 1st will be towed at the owner’ expense.
  • Section H  Motorcycle parking Permit
    Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters must be parked in a designated Motorcycle parking area and clearly display the current Motorcycle parking decal on the fuselage.  

Article V-Registration Fees
Registration Fees (All fees pertain to motor vehicles unless other wise noted.)
Fall Semester ——————————-$56 each permit (limit 2 per student)
Spring Semester—————————-$56 each permit (limit 2 per student)
Summer Semester————————--$56 each permit, (limit 2 per student)
Boat/Trailer per Semester—————--$56 limit one (see requirements in Article IV)
Motorcycle permit per semester———-$56 limit one
Full Time- 12 months
Annual Permit———————————$76.50 each permit, maximum of two
Motorcycle permit—————————-$76.50 limit one
Boat/Trailer————————————-$56 limit one boat and trailer
Part-time Faculty/Staff         
Part Time- 9 months
Part time permit——————————$38.25
Motorcycle permit—————————-$38.25
No Boat Permit———————————none
Replacement Permits
All replacement permits———————-$10
Article VI-Permit display/Transferability/Lost Permits

  • Section A        All motor vehicles, as defined by State Laws, parked on the TAMUG campuses by persons enrolled or employed at TAMUG must be registered at the Campus Police Department and must properly display a current TAMUG parking permit at all times. Parking permits will be valid from the date of issue until the last day of the fiscal year or semester for which they are issued.
  • Section B         Permit holders are not permitted to transfer parking permits to other individuals. The TAMUG Police Department is the only campus department that can issue parking permits for use on Campus property. 
  • Section C           Lost/Stolen Permits
    • Anyone that loses a parking permit must report the loss immediately to the University Police Department. Replacement permits are available for $10.00.
    • If the permit was stolen, a copy of the Police report must be presented before a replacement is issued at no charge. In addition the permit holder must sign an affidavit stating that the permit was taken without their permission and that they have no knowledge of the missing permit and will file charges and testify against anyone found using their missing permit.

Article VII-Disabled Persons
Designated handicapped spaces are for the exclusive use of persons displaying properly issued handicap stickers and cards issued in their names. Individuals determined by the Police Department to be in possession of a handicap sticker or card but not actually handicapped or using a handicap sticker or card for personal gain (i.e. to park in handicap spaces) will have his/her on campus parking permit revoked for the remainder of the school year. If the offense occurs within the last four weeks of the semester, the revocation will also include the next semester. 

  • Section A        Campus members who have obtained a special disabled person identifying registration insignia (license plate validation sticker) or a temporarily disabled person identification card, and a current TAMUG parking permit may park in any handicap space on campus. [Both sticker and card may be obtained from the county Tax Assessor collector’s office in the county in which the person resides.
  • Section B           Persons who have sustained injury which limits their ambulatory capabilities for short periods of time but does not render them “disabled” may apply for a Temporary Permit with a certified doctor’s request, stating that the applicant may park in lots adjacent to their destination for medical reasons. The Campus Chief of Police will review the application and grant temporary parking privileges if the facts warrant the accommodation.
  • Section C        Those persons who receive a campus temporary permit are entitled to park in any legally designated parking space, in any parking lot, except the disabled and visitor spaces. Only  individuals who have been issued “handicap parking” documents from the Tax Assessor’s office, may park in the designated handicap spaces.
  • Section D        Vehicles of campus members that display specially designed license plates or other identification issued by the County Tax Assessor Collector, in which the vehicle is registered, indicating that the vehicle is used for the transportation of disabled persons are entitled to park in any TAMUG Handicapped Parking Zone provided that the vehicle is parked by or used for the transportation of a disabled person.

Article VIII  Enforcement
Officers of the Texas A&M University at Galveston Police Department and student employees of the Police Department Parking Monitor Program are authorized to issue several types of citations for campus parking and moving traffic violations. These citations may be issued in accordance with Texas Criminal Law or the Texas Traffic and Motor Vehicle Laws, as well as Campus rules. Citations issued may be sent to the city of Galveston Municipal Court, The Galveston County Courts, or the Texas A&M University at Galveston review board.
The violations listed herein represent the most common violations and do not cover all possible violations for which the Campus Police Department may issue citations.
Parking Violations
• Failure to properly display a current TAMUG Parking Permit while parked anywhere on any TAMUG property.
• Parking where prohibited by signs or markings
• Parking in an area not designated as a parking area, including sidewalks
• Blocking a driving lane
• Parking in a handicapped zone or ramp, unless the vehicle displays a specially designed license plate or other identification, issued by the County Tax Assessor Collector from the county in which the vehicle is registered, indicating that the vehicle is used by or for the transportation of disabled persons, provided that the vehicle is actually parked by or used for the transportation of a disabled person at the time it was parked
• Blocking a crosswalk or a sidewalk
• Parking in a loading zone unless actually engaged in loading or unloading, or for more than fifteen (15) minutes after completion of loading or unloading
• Parking in Fire Lane or Fire Zone
• Parking by faculty/staff or students in any area or space marked for “visitors”
• Parking in front of or in any service drive
• Parking within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant
• Parking in front of any movable barrier
• Parking in any place marked “No Parking”
• Parking at any time on any beach area
• Parking on the grass anywhere on campus at any time
• Parking of motorcycles in any area not specifically designated for  motorcycles
• Parking any trailers (other than boat trailers, parked in the authorized area at the Teichman Road campus, registered in accordance with these regulations) without special permission of the Chief of the TAMUG Police Department
• Parking boats and boat trailers in any area not specifically designated for boat/trailer parking
• Parking of inoperable vehicles on any TAMUG Campus longer than  seventy-two (72) hours without special permission of the Chief of the TAMUG Police Department
A. Should a vehicle become so inoperable that it cannot be moved to a designated parking area, it is the responsibility of the owner or operator to notify the Campus Police Department as soon as possible.  Under no circumstances may a disabled vehicle be left in any manner or location that constitutes a traffic or safety hazard
B. Any motor vehicle which is inoperable or which does not have a valid license properly affixed to the vehicle is hereby declared abandoned and shall be removed from the campus at the expense of the owner unless special arrangements are made with the Chief of the Campus Police Department or his designee.
• Vehicles will be parked in a marked space so that the vehicle is completely within the markings and does not interfere with other vehicles
• No vehicle or boat trailer will be parked on any TAMUG beach or parked so as to block the access road to any TAMUG beach area
• Where parallel parking is permitted, vehicles will be parked no more that eighteen (18) inches from the curb. Where no curb is present, vehicles shall be parked parallel to the street so as not to block, encroach upon, or otherwise interfere with the movement of traffic. A vehicle will be parked parallel and will be oriented in the direction of traffic flow in the street or traffic lane in the street where it is parked, but it will not be parked in the grass
• All vehicles parked in loading zones must be actively engaged in loading or  unloading of materials, except otherwise prescribed in the regulations
• No vehicle may be parked in any place that will obstruct the normal flow of traffic. This includes roadways, entrances, exits, and curbsides in all TAMUG parking lots
• All Campus members must refrain from parking in areas marked with temporary parking devices and signs placed by TAMUG Police for special events. Unauthorized vehicles will be subject to removal at the owner’s expense
Moving Violations
It shall be a violation of these regulations for the operator of any motor vehicle to:
• Exceed the posted speed limits
A. 15 mph on all campus streets
B. 5 mph in all parking lots, or as otherwise posted by signs or notices
• Fail to come to a full stop at a stop sign
• Operate a motor vehicle in the prohibited direction on a one-way street or parking area
• Fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times on campus
• Drive while any person is sitting or holding onto or otherwise positioned outside of a vehicle, including sitting in the window with half of the body outside the vehicle, standing, sitting, or lying on any portion of the outside of the vehicle, or holding on to the vehicle while riding on skates, skateboards, or other devices which allows a person to travel outside the vehicle
• Drive a motor vehicle or motorcycle on areas designated as sidewalks or walkways
• Enter a marked service roadway without specific authorization to do so
• Back a vehicle through any intersection
• Mark, alter, damage or move traffic signs or signal devices
• Fail to obey traffic requests or directions of a Texas A&M University at Galveston Police Officer
• Display a forged or altered parking permit
• All vehicles operated on Campus property must display a valid registration sticker
• Operate a motor vehicle on any area other than campus roadways and parking areas unless special permission is granted by the TAMUG Police Department for a specific purpose. (Campus Physical Plant and other designated vehicles are exempt from this restriction for work purposes.)
  Motorcycle and Bicycle requirements
• Motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds and motor scooters must be parked only in designated “motorcycle” parking areas
• Bicycles must be parked only in bicycle racks adjacent to buildings and docks.  Improperly parked bicycles will be removed by campus police and a citation will be issued
• Bicycles must be registered with the City of Galveston and display a current bicycle permit
• It is unlawful to ride or otherwise use any motorized vehicle on any non-roadway area, pathway, sidewalk, or handicapped ramp anywhere on campus A handicapped person may operate only wheelchairs or other vehicles authorized for use by handicapped persons in these areas
• Any person operating a motorcycle, motorbike, moped, motor scooter or bicycle must give pedestrians the right of way at all times
• Any person who parks a motorcycle or other such motor vehicle on a TAMUG Campus must have a parking decal attached to the fuselage in such a manner as to be easily visible when the vehicle is parked
• Bicycles/motorcycles/mopeds/other motor assisted vehicles operated on a TAMUG Campus between sunset and sunrise must be equipped as required by the Texas Uniform Traffic code
The Texas House of Representatives Bill 197, which amended the Texas Safety Responsibility Act, states that drivers must possess valid proof of liability insurance coverage while operating a motor vehicle in the State of Texas.

Article IX  Appeals and Payments
The appeals process allows a citation recipient to appeal a campus citation, which they believe was issued in error, before a non-partial board made up of students and staff representatives. All campus members will have access to the appeals process to contest a citation.

  • Section A The Process:
    • The citation recipient must pay the amount of the citation as a bond to the Financial Management Services Office located in the SAGC and then fill out the appeals form in person or deliver it to the Campus Police Department, within ten (10) business days of the date on the citation
    • The appellant must make a written statement on the appeal form describing the circumstances that are claimed to constitute cause for the dismissal of the citation. If the intention to appear in person has been made and the appellant fails to appear at the next scheduled meeting of the Parking Citation Appeals Committee, the appeal will be evaluated solely on the information entered on the form and the board will thereupon make a resolution of the appeal
    All appeals will also contain the issuing officer’s recollection of the situation, so that the appeal board may have access to all the facts.
    Appeals that are submitted beyond the ten-day period or appeals that are incomplete will be rejected. There must be substantial and valid evidence that the violation was not committed, or that it occurred due to circumstances beyond the claimant’s control. Valid documentation of the evidence must be provided when the appeal is submitted. Appeals not turned in to the Campus Police at Building 3025 will not be considered by the appeal board.
    The following reasons are considered frivolous reason for appeal and may not be considered:
    • Lack of knowledge of the regulations; for example-new to campus or have not reviewed the regulations
    • Other vehicles were parked improperly
    • Only parked illegally for a short period of time
    • Failure of ticketing officer to ticket previously for similar offenses
    • Late to class or appointment
    • Inability to pay fine
    • No other place to park
    • Purchased a permit but failed to display it properly, or have not picked it up yet.
  • Section B   Procedures for Payment of Traffic Citations:
    The following penalties and regulations apply only to Texas A&M University at Galveston Traffic Citations:
    • Traffic fine paid within ten day limit———————$20.00
    • Appeal bond paid within ten day limit——————$20.00
    • Traffic fine assessed by appeal board————--—$20.00
                     (unless otherwise accessed by the appeal board)
    If after (10) business days, the recipient has not appealed the citation, the following payment procedures should be followed:
    • Pay the appropriate citation assessment at the Financial Management Services
    • $25.00 per offense

Article X  Unresolved Citations

  • Section A   Campus Citations:
    Campus Traffic Citations are processed by the TAMUG Police Department. Unless an appeal of the citation is taken, payment of the amount of penalty assessed shall be made at the Financial Management Services Office within ten (10) business days from the date of issue of the citation.
    Failure to properly appeal or pay the citation within the ten (10) day limit will result in the fine being added to the student’s fee statement; failure to pay the fee statement will result in a block being placed on the student’s account by the Financial Management Services department.
    Failure to properly satisfy a campus citation (pay or appeal) within the established time limits will prohibit the issuance of a new permit the following year. Any campus member who intentionally avoids obtaining a parking permit will not be permitted to operate or park a motor vehicle on campus.  Such vehicles may be towed from campus at the owners expense without additional warning or have all future citations being assigned to the Galveston County Justice Court at Law, until the account is satisfied.
    Failure to comply with suspension, citation assessments or the findings of the Appeals Board may lead to towing, impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. Such vehicles may not be released until all penalties, including citations, towing, impound and storage fees are met.
    The Chief of Police may only invalidate a citation due to extraordinary circumstances.
  • Section B  Municipal and County Court Appearance Citations:
    Municipal Court and County Court citations are summons to appear in court before the indicated magistrate in the same manner as traffic citations issued by any Peace Officer of the State of Texas. Municipal Court and County Courts may impose penalties as provided by state law. The citation will clearly state in which court the violation is filed, so that the violator may take appropriate action in the proper court venue. The officer will also advise the violator where the citation is filed and provide instructions on how to pay or contest the citation in the designated court.
    Failure to resolve Municipal and/or County court appearance citations is cause for the appointed courts to issue an arrest warrant for the person named in the citation. Court appearance citations must be resolved as the court requires.

The Campus Police Department can be reached 24 hours a day by the following methods:
Emergency calls-911 (Galveston Police dispatcher) who will dispatch emergency services and will also notify campus officers.
        On Campus Non Emergency – x 4545.
        Off Campus Non Emergency – 409-740-4545.
Press 1 for the Front Office.
Press 2 for the Officer on duty, which transfers to the cell phone.
In the event of phone system problems – 409-771-5185 (direct to officer on duty).

Campus Police may also be reached by contacting the Galveston Police Department at 409-765-3702 who will contact the officers by radio