Boat Regulations

As a result of the damages experienced from Hurricane Ike and the need for all available parking spaces on the TAMUG campus, no boat permits will be issued for the 2009-2010 academic year. If you have questions about utilizing the TAMUG Small Boat Basin, please contact the Small Boat Basin at (409) 740-4892 or (409) 740-4549.

The only designated boat storage location on the TAMUG campus is the Teichman road campus. Any boat or trailer placed at the Teichman road campus without a permit or without special permission issued by the Chief of Police will be towed at the owner’s expense.  No one may “drop off” a boat for any reason without permission.  Boats “donated” to TAMUG must be done so in accordance with TAMUG gift policy and procedures. All boats and trailers allowed to park on the Teichman road campus must be kept in good repair.  Any boat/trailer that is allowed to deteriorate or become inoperable for an extended period of time (two weeks), with no apparent attempt at repair, will be considered abandoned and may be removed by TAMUG at the owner’s expense.  Other conditions of neglect, such as expired license plates, expired Registration numbers, expired parking permit, etc, will cause the Police department to investigate the property as abandoned.

In the event of a hurricane, each boat/trailer owner is responsible for removing his/her property at least (72) seventy-two hours prior to projected landfall or upon the closing of campus, to prevent damage to it or to surrounding property. All remaining boats and trailers will be towed at the owner’s expense and owner may be subject to disciplinary action.
All boat owners are responsible for any damages that occur due to unsecured boats, trailers and equipment.


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