PE Faculty


Baldwin, Jan
Position: Director of Physical Education

 and Instructional Associate Professor
  Specializes in: all levels of tennis and pickleball


Office: Physical Education   Facility

Phone: 409-740-4821       
  Education History
   B.S. University of Texas
  M.S. Texas A&M University


Maceo, Deb
Position: Instructional Associate Professor
  Specializes in: dance, step aerobics, Zumba,

 health and fitness.


Office: Physical   Education facility
  Phone: 409-740-4915     
  Education History
  M.S.  Lamar University
  M.Ed. University of Houston
  Advisor of the Fine Arts Association


Slatton, Katie
  Position: Instructional Assistant Professor
  Specializes in: soccer, boot camp, Health and       Fitness, Yoga, Mat Pilates, running


Office:  Physical   Education facility

Phone: 409-740-4324
  Education History
  B.S. University of Montevallo, Alabama

M.Ed. University of Montevallo, Alabama





Hufton, Amie
Position: Instructional Assistant Professor and   Advisor
  Specializes in: swimming-conditioning, SCUBA, volleyball, ultimate   frisbee, health and fitness


Office:  Physical   Education facility

Phone: 409-740-4928



Education History

B.S. Texas A&M University at Galveston

M.S. Texas A&M University at Galveston


Adams, Keelee
Position: lecturer
  Specializes in: strength training, sports conditioning, health and   fitness.


Office: P.E. 104

Phone: 325-370-8778



Education History

B.S. McMurry University


Coleman, Cherie
Position: lecturer
  Specializes in: Sailing.


  Education History
   B.S. U.S. Naval Academy, 1984
  J. D. Northwestern University, 1993


Coleman, Gerard
Position: lecturer, Sail Team coach
  Specializes in: competitive dinghy sailing




Williams, Sarah
Position: Lecturer in Kinesiology

Specializes in:   SCUBA


Office:  Physical   Education facility



Ryan Lareau

Specializes   in: competitive keelboat sailing




Michael Jordan

Specializes in: competitive   rowing


Crew Team Coach