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2017 Science Olympiad
Regional Tournament
Texas A&M University at Galveston

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February 18, 2017

Email: moserm@tamug.edu  { In the Subject line put: Science Olympiad }

TAMUG will Accept 15 teams in each division.

2017 Schedule

The 2017 schedule will be similar to the schedule for 2016 and will be posted soon.

2016 Schedule B  |  2016 Schedule C

List Of Events 

Event Division
Anatomy & Physiology (nervous, sense organs, endocrine) B/C
Astronomy C
Bottle Rocket B
Chem Lab (Thermodynamics & Gas Laws) C
Disease Detectives (food illness) B/C
Dynamic Planet (Tectonics) B/C
Ecology B/C
Electric Vehicle C
Experimental Design B/C
Fast Facts B
Fermi Question C
Helicopters C
Hovercraft B/C
Material Science C
Microbe Mission B/C
Mission Possible B
Picture This C
Potions and Poisons B
Reach for the Stars B
Road Scholar B
Robot Arm C
Rocks and Minerals B/C
Roller Coaster B/C
Scrambler B
Science Word B
Towers B/C
We've Got Your Number B/C
WiFi Lab C
Wind Power B/C
Wright Stuff B
Write It Do It B/C

The events that are in italics are for Texas Only, and those guidelines you will need to go to the Texas Olympiad website http://outreach.science.tamu.edu/tso/2016/events_state.php

(More events may be added. Will be updated as events become available, please check back.)



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