New Student Conference

New Student Conferences are held for newly admitted freshmen and transfer students. You will register for your first classes, tour the campus, meet TAMUG faculty and staff, learn about financial aid and scholarships, and much more. All new TAMUG students should plan to attend a New Student Conference before their first semester.

Fall 2016 Admission

June 8-9: Freshman New Student Conference

June 13: Transfer New Student Conference

June 16-17: Freshman New Student Conference

June 24: Transfer Students Only

July 5: SAIL Program New Student Conference (Students in SAIL Program MUST attend this conference)

July 21-22: Freshman College of Engineering Conference

July 25-26: Freshman College of Engineering Conference

August 23-24: Transfer students and Traditional Freshmen

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Which conference should you attend?

All students admitted as freshmen must attend a Freshman New Student Conference. If you have been admitted to the SAIL Program for Summer 2016, you must attend the one day conference on July 5th.

Students admitted as a Transfer student toTexas A&M University at Galveston have the option of attending a one-day Transfer NSC or the two-day Freshman NSC. If you are a traditional college student who has never attended a university, you may wish to choose the more in-depth Freshman NSC.

Are you an international student?

Make sure you complete the additional requirements prior to attending your conference. Contact Dr. Kenyatta Y. Dawson at prior to your NSC to complete the required online orientation and check-in.