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Here are the scheduled dates for 2016:

Spring 2016 Admission
January 15, 2016

Fall 2016 Admission
June 8-9:            Freshman New Student Conference
June 13:              Transfer New Student Conference
June 16-17:       Freshman New Student Conference
June 24:              Transfer Students Only
July 5:                 SAIL New Student Conference (Students in SAIL Program MUST attend this conference)
August 23-24:  Transfer students and Traditional Freshmen

Which conference should you attend? All students admitted as freshmen must attend a Freshman New Student Conference.  If you have been admitted to the SAIL Program for Summer 2016, you must attend the one day conference on July 5th.

Students admitted as a Transfer student toTexas A&M University at Galveston have the option of attending a one-day Transfer NSC or the two-day Freshman NSC.  If you are a traditional college student who has never attended a university, you may wish to choose the more in-depth Freshman NSC. 

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