News Articles


January 17 - Remote Sensing of Seaweed Movements Enhanced by French and Texas A&M Galveston Collaboration

January 24 - Superintendent Appointed at Texas A&M Maritime Academy


February 16 - From Galveston to the South Pole, a Texas A&M Galveston student conducts significant marine research and also receives a wedding proposal

February 16 - Academic Complex Phase 2 construction underway at Texas A&M Galveston


March 3 - Texas A&M Galveston helps sponsor Maritime security conference in Galveston

March 7 - Texas A&M Galveston professor joins national study on the growing dangers of urban flooding

March 21 - Hundreds of Texas A&M Galveston students lend a helping hand to Galveston residents

March 23 - Texas A&M Galveston professor honored as a Presidential Impact Fellow



May 2 - Texas A&M Galveston's sea turtle patrol is back in action as turtles return to nest on Texas beaches

May 5 - Another record breaking commencement for Texas A&M Galveston

May 8 - Famed marine biologist honored with Texas A&M System Study Abroad Award

May 11 - Texas A&M Galveston scientists part of international team discovering amazing new sea life from submerged cave in Cozumel


June 26 - Texas A&M Galveston professor receives fellowship to study ways to lessen flooding


July 20 - First Very Large Crude Carrier docks with Texas A&M Maritime Academy graduate as the pilot

July 24 - U.S. Navy depends on Texas A&M Galveston graduate’s forecasts

July 25 - Texas A&M Galveston student's research looks for ways to control algae that's harmful to humans

July 27 - Texas A&M Galveston graduate goes from a steel-toe boot Coast Guard officer to stilettos as Mrs. Texas United States 2017

July 31 - Texas A&M Galveston's Rudder Radio is On The Air


August 21 - Texas A&M Galveston student heads to prestigious Woods Hole

August 21 - Texas A&M Galveston student turns her love of sea life into a scholarship and works of art

August 17 - Texas A&M Graduate named Volunteer of the Year by Flower Garden Banks

August 10 - Texas A&M Galveston part of largest Summer Commencement in Texas A&M history


September 19 - Texas A&M Galveston professor warns of beach erosion from Harvey

September 21 - Consortium led by Texas A&M Galveston awarded $2.54 million to continue research on the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill