About The Nautilus

The Nautilus is the Texas A&M University at Galveston student newspaper. It is published every other week by students at TAMUG. This is your campus, your voice.

Deadlines for Advertising in The Nautilus or submitting a Letter to the Editor

Fall 2009 Spring 2010
Issue 1 -  Wednesday, September 23 Issue 6 - Wednesday, January 27
Issue 2 - Wednesday, October 7 Issue 7 - Wednesday, February 10
Issue 3 - Wednesday, October 21 Issue 8 - Wednesday, February 24
Issue 4 - Wednesday, November 4 Issue 9 - Wednesday, March 17
Issue 5 - Wednesday, November 25 Issue 10 - Wednesday, March 31
Issue 11 -  Wednesday, April 14


Advertising in The Nautilus
The Nautilus currently accepts only advertisements for on-campus events and organizations. If you are interested in advertising in The Nautilus, please submit your ad or ad details to nautilus@tamug.edu. Ads will be placed in the upcoming issue that best correlates with the date the ad was submitted. If you need art designed for your ad, please make sure to request that art be designed. If you have art that you would like to submit, please send it as a jpeg, gif, tiff or psd. Art in other file types will not be accepted. If you have additional questions about advertising, please contact us.


Letters to the Editor
The Nautilus welcomes Letters to the Editor regarding topics of interest to the students of Texas A&M University at Galveston. Submitted letters must be legible and signed. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Letters should be 500 words or less and must be submitted no later than the Wednesday before publishing. Publish dates are available above. Letters become the property of the paper. The Nautilus reserves the right to reject all letters. Publication of a letter doesn’t necessarily reflect the views nor the opinions of the staff. Letters may be submitted by leaving them in The Nautilus mail slot in the Student Life office or emailed to nautilus@tamug.edu.