Pythagoras Download

Welcome to Pythagoras download section. 

The program and components can be easily installed by downloading a series of 14 setup package files.

Pythagoras may be freely distributed to anyone interested. If you have comments and suggestions about the program, please email Glenn Gailey.



Minimum Requirements

Processor: 75 MHz
Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/ME
Memory (RAM): 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 20 MB

Recommended Requirements

Processor: 266 MHz
Memory (RAM): 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 50 MB

Additional Software Recommendation

GIS Software (Arc Info, Surfer, MapInfo)
Microsoft Office 



Download Setup Files (15.2 MB) for version 1.2:



Download Pythagoras Manual (pdf)


Download & Setup Instructions

1) Download all setup files (1-14); hold the Shift key and click on the file if you have difficulty downloading

2) Check to ensure all downloaded files (1-14) are in the same directory. 

3) Double click on setup.exe to start the setup process (initially, Pythagoras needs a large amount – approximately 90 MB - of hard drive space to install data access components that may not be on your system. Once installed, Pythagoras should take up less the 10 MB.

4) Follow the instructions from the setup wizard. 

5) Start Pythagoras from Windows' Start Menu after installation.

6) Create a new Pythagoras Station Settings File.

7) Create a new Pythagoras data gathering database.


Update Program Files

Once Pythagoras and program components have been installed, updates can be easily made by simply downloading the executable portion of the program with the help file.

[Pythagoras.exe]  v. 1.2

[Help Files]