Dara Orbach
Last update: June 2015

e-mail: orbachd(at)tamug.edu

I am broadly interested in the socio-sexual interactions, decision-making processes, communication, and behavioral ecology of echolocating mammals. During my M.Sc. degree I researched bat sensory modality integration and obstacle avoidance. My Ph.D. research focuses on pre- and post-copulatory cetacean mating tactics. I use an interdisciplinary approach to assess sex-specific adaptations and co-evolution to achieve reproductive success. I explore the mating behaviors and patterns of dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) off Kaikoura, New Zealand during vessel-based group focal follows. I characterize the microanatomy and gross morphology of cetacean reproductive tracts from a variety of species and age classes using histological and morphometric techniques including CT scans. I am particularly interested in assessing potential mate choice functions of pseudocervical folds in female cetaceans. I am open to collaborations with researchers possessing diverse field expertise and perspectives.