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Welcome to Maritime Studies!

In Maritime Studies, our students learn about coastal and maritime communities of the past and present, and how their social, political, and cultural lives were influenced by the sea.

The interdisciplinary nature of our program gives it a distinctively international emphasis, and provides students with unique skills. Our professors are engaged in diverse areas of research, from international maritime conflict to nautical archeology to historic ship building construction, and our courses reflect this diversity. In Maritime Studies, students have the flexibility to pursue their own interests while preparing themselves for their post-graduation careers.

Please, look over our website and learn more about our faculty and students. And if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Elizabeth Nyman

Elizabeth Nyman
Program Coordinator, Maritime Studies

Program Requirements

Maritime Studies Requirements (21 credit hours):

  • ANTH 210 (Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  • ANTH 316 (Nautical Archaeology)
  • ENGL 335 (Literature of the Sea)
  • HIST 242 (United States Maritime History)
  • MAST 411 (International Maritime Culture)
  • MAST 425 (Thesis and Technical Writing)
  • MAST 441 (Maritime Piracy)

MAST Electives (27 credit hours):

Select from ANTH 318, 330, 351,484; CLAS 371; ENGL 415; MAST 200-499 (except 480 and 481); PHIL 314; POLS 231, 347.

Directed Electives (21 credit hours):

Select from ANTH 202, 313, 350, 409, 423, 485; COMM 203, 365; ENGL 330, 334, 338, 339, 374, 485; HIST 226, 370, 373, 374, 405, 485; KINE 199; MARA 212, 435, 470; MARB 340, 350; POLS 232, 353, 366; SPAN 101, 102, 201, 202.

General Electives (9 credit hours)

University Core Curriculum Requirements (42 credit hours)

Minor in Maritime Studies

Anthropology (3 hours; choose from ANTH 202, 210, 225, 313, 316, 318, or 350)
English (3 hours; choose from ENGL 335 or 415)
History/Political Science (3 hours; choose from HIST 232 or 242, MAST 345, or POLS 347)
Electives (6 hours; choose from MAST 265, 350, 352, 354, 411, or 441, ANTH 351 or CLAS 371)

Minor in Museum Studies

Coming soon!

Adam Haney

Adam Haney
Advisor, Maritime Studies Learning Community

Maritime Studies Learning Community

The MAST LC is excited for an action-packed Spring semester! We have an academic conference, fundraisers, outdoor excursions of fossil hunting and a visit to an off-shore oil rig planned. In April we are planning to visit the City of New Orleans to hit museums, ride a paddle-boat steamer and visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans! The Maritime Studies Learning Community has never been so exciting.

You can trust us, because there is nothing ‘fishy’ about Maritime Studies!

MAST LC application


Dr. Elizabeth Nyman

Dr. Elizabeth Nyman
Assistant Professor,
MAST Program Coordinator
Department of Liberal Studies (Maritime Policy),
Texas A&M Galveston
(409) 740-4762
Bldg# 3007, Office 217

Dr. Stephen Curley

Steven Curley
Regents Professor (English) and an award-winning teacher of literature, writing, and film
Texas A&M University at Galveston
(409) 740-4501
Bldg# 3007, Office 129

Dr. Joann DiGeorgio-Lutz

Joann Digiorgio-Lutz
Professor and Head,
Department of Liberal Studies,
Texas A&M Galveston.
(409) 740-4463
Bldg# 3007, Office 128

Dr. Samuel E. Mark

Dr. Samuel E. Mark
Department of Liberal Studies (Anthropology/Archeology)
and Department of Anthropology
(409) 741-4325
Bldg# 3007, Office 217

Thomas J. Oertling

Thomas J. Oertling
Instructional Assistant Professor,
Department of Liberal Studies (Nautical Archaeology)
(409) 741-4026
Bldg# 3026, Office 402

Dr. Frederic B. Pearl
Associate Professor,
Department of Liberal Studies (Anthropology)
and Department of Marine Sciences
(409) 740-4935
Bldg# 3007, Office 217

Adam Haney

Adam Haney
Department of Liberal Studies
(409) 740-4949
Bldg# 3007, Office 103A

Kristin Josvoll
Department of Liberal Studies
(409) 740-44522
Bldg# 3007, Office 105B

Paula Morris

Paula Morris
Academic Advisor,
Department of Liberal Studies (Maritime Studies),
Texas A&M Galveston
(409) 740-4975
Bldg# 3007, Office 217

MAST Graduates

Curious about what some of our MAST alumni are up to? Check out our page highlighting what our former students are doing after graduation. If you are a MAST graduate and want to see yourself featured on this page, please get in touch – we love to hear from all our former students!

Contact Us

The Maritime Studies program is located in Building 3007 (Classroom Lab Building), Suite 217. We are always happy to have visitors during normal business hours. You can also reach us by email at or by phone at 409-740-4977. If you have questions about particular classes, are interested in switching majors, or need academic advising, please contact Paula Morris at We look forward to hearing from you soon.