Maritime Studies (MAST)

Maritime Studies offers students a unique opportunity to examine the varied ways that humans use and impact the coastal and maritime environments. Sea Aggies have the best of both worlds: all the benefits of being an Aggie (including the ring and student football tickets), but with small classes taught primarily by PhDs who are experts in their fields.

By studying the history, archaeology, literature, communication, and politics of maritime peoples and cultures from ancient times to present, MAST majors gain a comprehensive understanding of maritime culture adaptations and mankind's experience with the sea. The broad-based interdisciplinary nature of this exciting liberal arts program gives it a distinctive, international emphasis. 

Employers understand that students of liberal arts bring advanced comprehensive problem-solving capabilities to the job market. By  the time they graduate, our students will have acquired valuable critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills. They are prepared for a diverse choice of fields including, but not limited to, oil and gas administration, environmental management, state and federal agencies, historical and non-profit foundations, museums conservation and administration, mass and niched communication, nautical and contract archaeology, journalism, education, management, law school, and graduate studies in related fields.

All students are given the once-in-a-a-lifetime opportunity to train as a crew member on a working 19th century tall ship, while earning college credit. Students tailor the program to suit their interests; they may enroll in an internship, participate in field studies, concentrate on a particular topic with a professor of their choice, and/or study abroad for a semester. Students are encouraged to pursue at least one minor, usually Anthropology, English, Diving, or History, and may earn two.

Department of Liberal Studies

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Current students must meet with the Maritime Studies Advisor, Paula Morris, each semester before registering for classes. All MAST students will be unable to register each semester until they have been advised.  

Paula Morris
Office:  CLB 217 | | 409-740-4975
Please email to make appointment.