Thomas J. Oertling

Thomas J. Oertling

Instructional Assistant Professor,
Department of Liberal Studies (Nautical Archaeology)
(409) 741-4026

Bldg# 3026, Office 402


B.S., Tulane University, 1977.
M.A., Texas A&M University, 1984. 

Mr. Oertling is Instructional Assistant Professor of Maritime Studies Program. He received his MA in Anthropology the Nautical Archaeology program at Texas A&M University in 1984, and specializes in post medieval nautical archaeology. He has partnered with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M on numerous projects, most recently in the excavation of the Denbigh, a Civil War blockade runner off the coast of Galveston Island, but also has extensive experience throughout the Caribbean. Mr. Oertling is a materials conservation specialist, and oversees all aspects of archaeological conservation in the Campus Archaeological Laboratory (CARL).

MAST Courses Taught:

MAST 265 (Elissa Sail Training)
MAST 345 (Texas Maritime History)
ANTH 202 (Introduction to Archaeology)
ANTH 313 (Historical Archaeology)
HIST 232 (History of American Seapower)
MAST 352 (Traditional Maritime Tools)