Why Mast?


The Maritime Studies program prepares students for an array of job opportunities.  We are the only MAST degree granting institution in Texas, offering graduates a unique position in the job application process, as well as a solid foundation for graduate school. 


The United States needs individuals to interpret the expanding industries associated with the sea and shipping.  The coast plays a vital role in the United State’s economy, and has a great impact on America’s role in the world economy.  More than half of the people in the U.S. live near the coast and the number is continuing to grow at a fast rate.  The Texas coastal job market is above the national average, with jobs available throughout the region.  For example, coastal cities such as Corpus Christi and Victoria had unemployment rates of 5.9% and 5.2%, respectively, as of September 2012. 


The classes offered in Maritime Studies are both interesting and fun, and the opportunities are endless.  Our hands on First Year Experience afford students the opportunity to sail and maintain The Elissa, a 19th century sailing ship.   Other interesting classes such as Wooden Ship Building  and Tools class require students to think like ship builders of the distant past.  Also offered are classes such as Piracy, Homer and the Trojan War, and Viking Archaeology and Mythology, to name a few. 


Characteristics you will gain with a MAST degree.

Superb Rational thinking.

Elucidate problems with positive outlooks.

Understand how people/cultures think.

Break down ideas by seeing its diffrent constituent parts.


What You can learn

The classes offered in Maritimes Studies are both interesting and fun, the oppurtunities are endless. Our hands on Elissa Class, gives students a chance to sail and maintain a 19th century ship. Many people would only dream to navigate a historic ship such as the Elissa, built in 1877. Other intersting classes such as a class on Wooden Ship Construction requires student's to think in the mind of past ship builders. Questions pertaining to the ship are, how culture affects ship building? What variation does culture play in the variety of past ships?? Individuals can also learn about the culture of pirates and there history on past Maritime History. This is offered in our special topics course called Piracy. It is in the process of being offered in the Spring of 2012. You can also try more exotic ways of being more unique in taking our scuba diving classes. These are offered in two semesters that gives student's the ability to scout the endless water's of our world's oceans.

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