2008-2014 Academic Years


The Catalog for the 2013/2014 academic year for all incoming freshmen and transfer students is Catalog 136. Continuing students should remain with their older Catalog requirements unless otherwise advised.

Curriculum Summary

120 hours must be completed from the following:

1.  39 hours of courses in the major field as listed below. A grade of C or higher is required if the course is to be counted in the major field:

ANTH 210 (Cultural Anthropology)
ANTH 316 (Nautical Archaeology)
ENGL 335 (Literature of the Sea)
HIST 232 (History of American Seapower)
MAST 411 (International Maritime Culture)
MAST 425 (Thesis and Technical Writing)

An additional 21 hours selected from:

ANTH 318 (Nautical Archaeology of the Americas)
CLAS 371 (In Search of Homer and the Trojan War)
ENGL 415 (Studies in a Major Author)
MARA 470 (Environmental Law)
MAST 320 (Introduction to Museums)
MAST 345 (Texas Maritime Culture)
MAST 350 (History of Wooden Ship Building)
MAST 371 (Archaeology of the Pacific)
MAST 484 (Undergraduate Internship)
MAST 485 (Independent Study)
MAST 489 (Special Topics)
MAST 491 (Undergraduate Research)
PHIL 314 (Environmental Ethics)
POLS 231 (World Politics)
POLS 347 (Politics of Energy and the Environment)

2.  Core Curriculum and other Program Requirements

English/Communications(6 hours)
Math (6 hours)
Natural Science (8 hours)
Humanities (9 hours)
Social and Behavioral Science (3 hours)
American History (6 hours)
Government (6 hours)
Kinesiology (1 hour)
Health & Fitness (1 hour)
Foreign Language (14 hours)
Free Electives (21 hours)

Details of University Core Curriculum Requirements may be found under "Core Curriculum" in Catalog 136

Minors offered at TAMUG

Minors offered at TAMUG through TAMU-College Station
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