The current Catalog is 135 (2012/2013 academic year). All incoming freshmen, transferring students, and students changing curriculum will be placed on Catalog 133. Continuing students should remain with their older Catalog requirements unless otherwise advised.


Curriculum Summary

The student must complete 39 hours of courses in the major field as listed below. A grade of C or higher is required if the course is to be counted in the major field.

All students must take ANTH 210, ANTH 316, HIST 232, ENGL 335, MAST 411(W), and MAST 425(W).


Students will select from one of the following four tracks:

Archaeology/Anthropology: ANTH 202, ANTH 318, MAST 350, MAST 371, 9 hours selected from Directed Electives. Anthropology Minor required.

 Public Policy: PHIL 314, POLS 331, POLS 347, MARA 470, 9 hours selected from Directed Electives. Minor in Economics, History, or Maritime Administration required.

Cultural Studies: CLAS 371, ENGL 415, MAST 320, PHIL 3xx, 9 hours selected from Directed Electives. Minor in English, History, or Anthropology required.

General Studies: 21 hours of Directed Electives.

Directed Electives include all courses listed under track requirements above, and MAST 484 (Internship), MAST 485 (Independent Study), MAST 489 (Special Topics), and MAST 491 (Research).


All students must complete the University Core Curriculum, and approximately 21 hours of free electives to bring their total hours to 120.

Please see Catalog 135 for complete requirements.

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Catalog 132 Checklist

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