Advising for Current Students

Advisors: Lupe Aaron, Dr. Frederic Pearl, Mr. Tom Oertling

Current students should meet with an Advisor each semester before registering for classes

Lupe Aaron
Office:  CLB 123

Dr. Fred Pearl
Office:  CLB 217
Please email to make appointment

Mr. Tom Oertling
Office:  SAGC 402
Please email to make appointment

Degree Audit

A complete accounting of the courses that you have taken and the requirements they meet. A completed degree audit is necessary to determine what courses you still need to take

Degree Requirements Checklist  for students entering before Fall, 2014

Degree Requirements Checklist for students entering Fall, 2014 or later

Change of Major

You must meet with Dr. Pearl in order to affect a Change of Curriculum to Maritime Studies. Please make an appointment.

Signature Requests

You must have Dr. Pearl's signature for 485 requests and student worker eligibility forms. You may leave these forms with Lupe Aaron (CLB 123).

Dr. Pearl will also be happy to meet with you about anything else related to student life (graduate school, undergraduate student research, academic problems, etc.). Please make an appointment.

Degree Plan

We like for every student within 3 semesters of graduation to have a degree plan. A degree plan is a written plan for the courses that you need to take in order to graduate.  Please see an advisor to help you formulate your degree plan.