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Maritime Studies (MAST)

Maritime Studies is the study of maritime culture, archaeology and history, from ancient times to present. Maritime Studies, the only Bachelor of Arts program offered at TAMUG, offers students a unique opportunity to look at the ocean through a series of broad-based interdisciplinary courses.  They will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the varied ways that humans use and impact coastal and maritime environments. The program has a distinctive, international emphasis.

All students study the history and archaeology of maritime cultural adaptations and the literary expression of mankind’s experience with the sea, but students also tailor the program to meet their interests by selecting additional courses in anthropology, archaeology, history, literature, philosophy, language, public policy and kinesiology.  All students are given the opportunity to train as a crewmember on a working 19th century tall ship.

Elective courses allow students to design an important part of their curriculum as well — they may pursue a minor, study abroad for a semester, enroll in an internship, participate in field studies or concentrate on a particular topic.

Maritime Studies graduates are prepared for a diverse choice of fields including, but not limited to, environmental management, public service, museums, nautical archaeology, pre-law, and graduate studies in related fields.