Integrated Coastal and Marine Lab

Led by the Regent Professor, Dr. W. M. von Zharen, the Integrated Coastal and Marine Lab (ICOM) conducts applicable research and provides leadership intended to facilitate sustainable environmental management and policy. We have a non traditional lab, and working, open Graduate Researcher to Researcher (GR2R) Group. This lab helps with promotion of integrated holistic explorations and solution-oriented projects. The focus of this lab is to create opportunities for career development and meeting professional goals.

ICOM involves the public process of analyzing and allocating both the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities to achieve environmental, social, economic, and ethical objectives. Strategies include such characteristics as eco-system based, resiliency, adaptive, integrated, and participatory, among others. ICOM involves multiple sector planning, e.g., fisheries, transportation, recreation, energy, preservation, etc., that increase the compatibility among users and reduces conflicts.  ICOM is adaptive; as such, it depends on scientific research and input, planning, implementation, monitoring, enforcement, evaluation, public participation, and financing to continually improve the outcomes. 

Graduate Researcher to Researcher Group

This group of scholars and students gathers weekly during the school semester on the Texas A&M University at Galveston Mitchell Campus. The purpose of this group is to discuss current projects, work cooperatively to develop to understanding of complex environmental issues, critique and practice presentations, develop a supportive scholarly network, and apply science to management challenges.

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Courses Available through the Integrated Coastal and Marine Lab

Graduate Courses Offered (* Distance Learning)
• Wildlife Law and Ethics (MARS 645)
• Environmental Law (MARS 610/MARA 470)
• International and Federal Environmental Legal Regimes (MARS 676/OCNG 676)
• Invasive Species: Vectors, Impacts, Theories, and Management (MARS 648)
• Environmental Management Strategies for Scientists (MARS 675/OCNG 675)
• International Environmental Business Transactions and Ethics (MARS 620)
• Environmental Administrative Law (MARS 640)
*(These courses are formatted into 12-16 Distance Learning Modules and offered via WebCT. The strategy is to focus support for academic, career, and personal flexibility of graduate students in these two programs as well as provide alternative learning strategies post Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike.)

Example of Interactive Distance Education Course: Green Chemistry Module

Other Graduate Courses Offered
• Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution (MARS 660)
• Environmental Law (MARS 610)
• Biotic Indicators of Marine Ecosystem Health (MARS 689) (Field Course, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Contact Information:

Dr. Wyndylyn von Zharen

Phone: (409) 740-4485

ICOM Lab Location: OCSB 124

Texas A&M University at Galveston
P.O. Box 1675
Galveston, Texas 77553


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