ICOM Researcher Mrs. Jessica Williams


 "Assessing the Ecological Integrity of Coastal Wetlands in Galveston Bay and Matagorda Bay: Comparison of the Functions of the Low Marsh and High Marsh to Determine the Long Term Sustainability and Resiliency in Response to Sea Level Rise"

Jessica Williams graduated from TAMUG in 2011 with a Bachelor's in Marine Biology.  She is the ICOM Graduate Assistant and is conducting research on the functions of various wetland zones to determine the long term sustainability and resiliency. Her goal is to provide coastal management and stakeholders with science based recommendations to prepare for sea level rise.

When Mrs. Williams is not waist deep in wetlands, she is training the next generation of Marine Scientists: her 3 kids.


Contact Information:


Texas A & M Galveston

OCSB 124

Study location in Matagorda Bay, TexasSample location in Matagorda Bay, Texas
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