Dr. Susan Knock

susan knock picture.jpg

Phone: (409) 740-4826
Email: knocks@tamug.edu

Texas A&M University at Galveston
P.O. Box 1675 
Galveston, Texas 77553

Course Offerings:

Coastal Ornithology
Chemistry Labs

Senior Lecturer
Director - Academic Enhancement


- Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, 1988
- B.A., Colorado College, 1975

Research Interests:

- Currently, I am conducting avian diversity studies for an energy company that is planning to develop a wind generator plant near West Galveston Bay. In past years, students have enrolled in independent study courses that involved a variety of research interests.

These included:
1. Gender determination in birds using DNA fingerprinting technology
2. Analysis of organics extracted from the Galveston Ship Channel using GC
3. An analysis of bird diversity was conducted on the 6 study sites surveyed in the Field Ornithology Course.



Selected Publications:

Nagle, G. T., Knock, S. L., van Heumen, W. R. A., and Kurosky, A. Molluscan Subtilisin-Related Endoproteases Involved in the Activation of Prohormones and Proproteins in the Secretory Pathway. Netherlands Journal of Biology, 44: 439-450, 1994

Nagle, G. T., Garcia, A. T., Knock, S. L., Gorham, E. L., van Heumen, W. R. A., and Kurosky, A. Molecular Cloning, cDNA Sequence, and Localization of a Prohormone Convertase (PC2) from Aplysia Atrial Gland. DNA & Cell Biol. 14: 145-154, 1995

Nagle, G. T., Garcia, A. T., Gorham, E. L., Knock, S. L., van Heuman, W. R. A., Spiker, S., Smith, A. B., Geraerts, W. P. M. and Kurosky, A. Molecular cloning and Localization of a Furin-Like Prohormone Convertase from the Atrial Gland of Aplysia. DNA & Cell Biol. 14: 431-442, 1995