Dr. Douglas Klein

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Phone: (409) 740-4512
Fax: (40) 740-4429 
Email: kleind@tamug.edu

Texas A&M University at Galveston
P.O. Box 1675 
Galveston, Texas 77553

Course Offerings:

Eco-environmental Modeling



- Ph.D., University of Texas, 1969
- M.A., University of Texas, 1967
- B.S., Oregon State University, 1965

Research Interests:

- Correlated-electron models for molecules & polymers
- Many-body valence-bond theory
- Chemical graph theory
- Carbon clusters, nano-tubes, graphenes, & their decorations
- Polymer statistics and excluded volume
- Group-theoretic methods in chemistry and physicsProjects:

Selected Publications:

D. J. Klein, T. G. Schmalz, G. E. Hite, & W. A. Seitz, "Resonance in C60 Buckminsterfullerene", Journal of the American Chemical Society 108 (1986) 1301-1302

D. J. Klein & D. Babic "Partial Orderings in Chemistry", Journal of Chemical Information & Computer Science 37 (1997) 656-671

O. Ivanciuc, L. Bytautas, & D. J. Klein, “Mean Field Resonating-Valence-Bond Theory for Unpaired Pi-Electrons in Benzenoid Carbon Species”, Journal of Chemical Physics 116 (2002) 4736-4748

D. J. Klein & O. Ivanciuc, “Graph Cyclicity, Excess Conductance, & Resistance Deficit”, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry (2002)

D. J. Klein & A. T. Balaban, “The Eight Classes of Positive-Curvature Graphitic Nanocones”, Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling 46 (2006) 307-320

D. J. Klein & T. Ivanciuc, “Directed Reaction Graphs as Posets”, pages 35-60 in Partial Order in Environmental Science and Chemistry, ed. R. Bruggemann & L. Carlsen (Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2006)

D. J. Klein, “Defected/decorated benzenoid/graphitic nanostructures”, Pure & Applied Chemistry 80 (2008) 1399-1414

J. Oliva, D. J. Klein, P. v. R. Schleyer, & L. Serrano-Andres, “Design of Carborane Molecular Architectures with Electronic Structure Computations: From Endohedral andPolyradical Systems to Multidimensional Networks”, Pure & Applied Chemistry 81 (2009) 719-729