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University Studies

University Studies

The University Studies program provides students the flexibility to combine areas of study to students who have particular career paths or post-baccalaureate degree paths in mind. A University Studies Degree consists of a concentration of 21-24 hours and two minors of 15-18 hours each. Specific courses may be required for the completion of the hours in the concentrations and minors. The University Catalog will provide the list of specific courses required for the following programs.

Concentration in Marine Environmental Law and Policy
This concentration requires 21 to 24 hours in coursework such as business law, admiralty law, environmental law, environmental ethics and politics of energy and the environment. Students can choose from a wide variety of combinations to position his or her self for graduate studies in environmental law, employment in environmental regulatory areas and/or industry interested in environmental protection especially in a near shore environment. University Studies Curriculum (click on Curriculum and then University Studies)

Concentration in Oceans and One Health

This concentration is intended to streamline the coursework needed for students who are interested in specific medical programs after graduation. Students may fulfill the coursework for medical, dental or veterinary school, as well as some allied health professions such as physician assistant, physical therapy or clinical laboratory science. It also provides a stand-alone degree to address any of a number of health-related issues that result from urbanization of coastal areas or increased development of marine environments. The curriculum is designed to be flexible so that students can choose their focus from the diverse list of concentration electives or minors. It also is rigorous enough to provide students headed for professional or graduate school a solid background in health-related disciplines and environmental sciences.