Dr. William A. Seitz

Dr. William A. Seitz
Regents Professor
Department of Marine Sciences
Bld# 3003, Office 103

E-mail: seitzw@tamug.edu
Phone: (409) 740-4733
Fax: (409) 740-4407


  • B.A. Chemical Physics, Rice University 1970
  • Ph.D. Chemical Physics, University of Texas at Austin 1973
  • Post-Doc. Biophysics and Chemical Physics, Rice University 1973-77

Professional Experience:

  • Executive Vice President, Texas A&M at Galveston and Associate Provost, Texas A&M University, 2011-2013
  • Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Texas A&M at Galveston, 2005-2013
  • Regents Professor, Texas A&M University, 2005 - present
  • Assistant, Associate and Full Professor – Marine Sciences, Texas A&M University at Galveston, 1977-present
  • Senior Fellow, Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, Washington, DC 1998-99

Research Interests:

Nanotechnology, complexity theory, coastal marine policy, statistical mechanics of genes.

Representative Publications:

W. A . Seitz and A. D. Kirwan, “Majorization vs. Entropy: What Determines Complexity”, Entropy 2014, 16(7), 3793-3807

Tanveerul Islam, William Merrell and William Seitz, “Galveston futures: Developing a disaster resilient community”, Journal of Geography and Regional Planning, Vol. 3(1), pp. 001-007, January, 2010
Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/JGRP

Tanveerul Islam; William Merrell; William Seitz.; and Robert Harriss,“Origin, Distribution, and Timing of Texas Hurricanes: 1851–2006”, Natural Hazards Rev. Volume 10, Issue 4, pp. 136-144 (November 2009)

Synergistic Activities:

  • Fulbright Scholar, Rudger Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Workshop Coordinator – NSF Workshop on Undergraduate Programs in Ocean Sciences
  • Fellow of the International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry


Klein, D (TAMU, Marine Sciences), Balaban, A (TAMU, Marine Sciences), Brody, S (TAMU, Coastal Planning), Merrell, W (TAMU, Marine Sciences), Dr. Ferid Murad (Georgetown University, Washington), Krunoslav Brcic-Kostic and Petar Mitrikeski (Institut Rudger Boskovic, Zagreb, Croatia),  Rainer Bruggemann (Berlin, Germany).

Graduate Advisees:

Mr. Jeffrey Rank, MS Oceanography,
Mr. Chris Paternostro, MS Oceanography.

Post Doctoral Advisees:

Dr. Aristophanes Metropolis, Dr. Ante Graovac (Rudger Boskovic), Dr. Tomislav Zivkovic (Rudger Boskovic), Dr. Marc Illies (Temple University), Dr. S.B. Santra (Indian Institute of Technology), Dr. Danail Bonchev (Virginia Commonwealth University), Dr. Tanveerul Islam.


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