Dr. Radhika Nair

Dr. Radhika Nair
Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Marine Sciences
Texas A&M University
1001 Texas Clipper Rd
Bld# 3029, Office 162

Galveston, TX, 77554 USA

E-mail: nairr@tamug.edu
Phone: (409) 741-7135
Fax: (409) 740-4429


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno, USA, 2009
  • M.S., Chemistry, University of Mumbai, India, 2002
  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Mumbai, India, 2000

Positions Held:

  • Instructional Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University at Galveston, Texas (since September 2014)
  • Assistant Professor, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah (2010 – 2014)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas (2009 – 2010)


  • Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry

Research Interests:

  • Synthesis, characterization and properties of imines derived from purines/pyrimidines and N-heterocyclic aldehydes.
  • Synthesis and characterization of imines derived from amino acids that serve as multidentate ligands in coordinating with transition metals.
  • Studying the potential biological activity of novel imines and their metal complexes.

Course Offerings:

  • CHEM 107: Chemistry for Engineers (Lecture)
  • CHEM 117: Chemistry for Engineers (Laboratory)


“Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Novel Imines Derived from 5-aminouracil.” (To be submitted).

“Addition of carbon tetrachloride and chlorinated esters to various olefins catalyzed by ruthenium complexes of the type Cp’Ru(PPh3)(PR3)Cl.” R. P. Nair, J. A. Pineda, and B. J. Frost, Inorg. Chim. Acta 2012, 380, 96-103 (Invited contribution for the Young Investigator Award Special Issue).

“Atom transfer radical addition reactions of CCl4, CHCl3, and tosyl chloride to styrene catalyzed by Cp’Ru(PPh3)(PR3)Cl complexes.” R. P. Nair, T. H. Kim, and B. J. Frost, Organometallics 2009, 28, 4681-4688.

“pH dependent selective transfer hydrogenation of α, β-unsaturated carbonyls in aqueous media utilizing half-sandwich ruthenium(II) complexes.” C. A. Mebi, R. P. Nair, and B. J. Frost, Organometallics 2007, 26, 429-438, 
(One of the top ten most cited references in 2007).


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