Dr. Jhenny Galan

Dr. Jhenny Galan
Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Marine Sciences
1001 Texas Clipper Rd
Bld# 3029, Office 342
Galveston, TX, 77554 USA

E-mail: galanj@tamug.edu
Phone: (409) 741-4326


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Connecticut, 2006
  • B.S. Chemistry, University of the Philippines, 1996

Research Interests:

  • Structure-function relationship studies of protein systems using all-atom and coarse-grain molecular dynamics simulations
  • Testing and validation of coarse-grain forcefield for proteins
  • Computational studies of the membrane translocation ability of heteroaromatic foldamers and its implications in drug delivery
  • Understanding conformational preferences of aromatic oligoamide foldamers using theoretical methods
  • Computational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry

Selected Publications:

Galinato, M.G., Fogle III, R. S. and Galan, Jhenny F. Binding interaction of hypocrellin B to myoglobin: a spectroscopic and computational study. Spectrochimica Acta A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 115, 337-344, 2013

Galan, Jhenny F., Tang, Chi N., Chakrabarty, Shubhasis, Liu, Zhiwei, Moyna, Guillermo, and Pophristic, Vojislava. Conformational Preferences of Furan- and Thiophene-based Arylamides: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 11883-11892, 2013

Chen, M. S., Sandberg, D. J., Babu, K. R., Bubis, J., Surya, A., Ramos, L.S.,Galan, J.F., Sandberg, M., Birge, R. and Knox, B.E. Conserved residues in the extracellular loops of short-wavelength cone visual pigments,Biochemistry, 50(32), 6763-6773, 2011

Galan, Jhenny F., Brown, Jodian, Wildin, Jayme L., Liu, Zhiwei, Liu, Dahui, Moyna, Guillermo, and Pophristic, Vojislava. Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in ortho-Substituted Arylamide Oligomers: A Computational and Experimental Study of ortho-Fluoro and ortho-Chloro N-methylbenzamides. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113(38), 12809-12815, 2009.

Galan, Jhenny F., Gao, J. , Pabuwal, V. , Meek, P.J. and Li, Z. Application of Network Theory in Understanding and Predicting Protein Structure and Function. Current Proteomics, 5, 181-190, 2008

Amora, Tabitha, Ramos, Lavoisier, Galan, Jhenny F. and Birge, Robert, R. Spectral Tuning of Deep Red Cone Pigments. Biochemistry, 47(16), 4614-4620, 2008

Rangarajan, Rekha, Galan, Jhenny F., Whited, Gregg, and Birge, Robert R.   The Mechanism of Spectral Tuning of Green-Absorbing Proteorhodopsin, Biochemistry, 46 (44), 12679-12686, 2007

Hillebrecht, Jason R., Galan, Jhenny F., Rangarajan, Rekha, Ramos, Lavoisier R., McCleary, Kristina N., Ward, Donald E., Stuart, Jeffrey A. and Birge, Robert R. Structure, Function and Wavelength Selection in Blue-Absorbing Proteorhodopsin, Biochemistry, 45 ( 6 ),1579-1590, 2006.

Whitmire, S.E., Wolpert, D., Markelz, A.G., Hillebrecht, J.R., Galan, J. and Birge, R. R. Protein Flexibility and Conformational State: A Comparison of Collective Vibrational Modes of Wild-Type and D96N Bacteriorhodopsin. Biophysical Journal, Vol 85, 1269-1277, 2003

Xu, Jing , Ramian, Gerry J., Galan, Jhenny F., Savvidis, Pavlos G., Scopatz, Anthony M., Birge, Robert R.  , Allen, James S., and Plaxco, Kevin W.  Terahertz Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy: A Potential Approach to the In Situ Detection of Life’s Metabolic and Genetic Machinery. Astrobiology, Vol 3, Number 3, 2003.

Xu, Jing, Ramian, Gerry J., Galan, J.F., Savvidis, Pavlos G., Scopatz, Anthony M., Birge, Robert R., Allen, S James and Plaxco, Kevin W. Terahertz Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy of Biomolecules. In Proceedings of the International Society of Optical Engineering, Vol 5268 (Edited by J.O. Jensen and J. M. Theriault), pp.19-26. SPIE, Providence.

Choi, Gregory, Landin, Judith., Galan, Jhenny F.,Birge, Robert R., Albert, Arlene D., and Yeagle, Philip L. Structural Studies of Metarhodopsin II, the Activated Form of the G-protein Coupled Receptor, Rhodopsin. Biochemistry, 41 (23), 7318-7324, 2002.


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