Minor in Ocean and Coastal Resources (OCRE)


The Department of Marine Sciences offers the ability for students to achieve a minor in Ocean and Coastal Resources (OCRE), designed for students that are majoring in another subject. The purpose of the minor is to broaden student’s knowledge on the economic, environmental, and social issues related to the development of marine resources, while providing them with the scientific background needed to understand these issues. Every aspect of marine resources development is undergoing rapid growth (e.g., fisheries, oil and gas exploration and production, ocean mining, among others), yet there are many obstacles to sustainable development of these resources (e.g., pollution, biological diversity and overharvesting, renewable resource development). The interdisciplinary OCRE Minor can provide a valuable complementary academic focus to many other TAMUG major programs (Marine Sciences, Marine Biology, etc.) by providing extra academic focus in biology, geosciences, economics, political science. There remains a strong demand from both government and industry for individuals who can understand and use scientific information in the planning and management processes, and an OCRE minor can help students become competitive job applicants to fulfill these needs.

The general requirements and processes for the Geology minor is as follows:

  • Complete a minimum of 16 credits from the course lists below

  • Complete the official Approval of a Minor Field of Study form and return it to the Department of Marine Sciences (Dr. M. Moser)

  • When complete and approved, the minor will be designated on your transcript

Chemistry Minor course diagram

Additional Notes

  • Other 300 and 400 level classes can be used to fulfill Professional Elective requirements for MARS majors

  • Paperwork and forms for the minor must be completed, submitted, and approved before you apply for graduation