Graduate Degrees

Master of Marine Resources Management (MARM)

The Master of Marine Resources Management (MARM) degree provides students with a broad understanding of coastal and ocean policy and management class. The demand for graduates from this program in industry, government, academia and non-governmental organizations(NGO’s) has never been stronger. Federal agencies employing graduates include the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Environmental Protection Agency. State agencies include the Texas General Land Office and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Industries employing graduates include oil and natural gas, environmental consulting companies, ports, and tourism. These organizations have identified the need for a degree which focuses on national and international ocean resource law and policy; coastal zone management; physical and geochemical marine resources management strategies; and fisheries management. This degree program views marine natural resources management and policy development from both an ecological and policy perspective.

The degree may be viewed as a degree comparable to an MBA as an alternative terminal degree for people working in marine/ocean/coastal organizations. In addition, the degree program may address the needs of some public school science teachers seeking a degree out side the field of education.

Non-thesis option

A thesis is not required for the Master of Marine Resources Management degree for students who select the non-thesis option program. Students pursuing the non-thesis option are not allowed to enroll in 691 (Research) for any reason and 691 may not be used for credit toward a non-thesis option Master of Marine Resources Management degree.

The 36-hour non-thesis option curriculum is structured with 24 hours of required courses and 12 hours of optional elective courses, of which three hours are in additional science, three hours are in law, policy, management, and six hours are of the student’s choice.

3+2 Program

The student can achieve the B.S. OCRE with the Master of Marine Resources Management (MARM) degree in 5 years.

Marine Resources Management Curricula (scroll to page 86 of Catalog)