Brand Fonts

Typography is another device that can reinforce a consistent visual identity. Two font families were carefully selected for communications materials: ITC New Baskerville and Frutiger. ITC New Baskerville is a traditional serif typeface. Frutiger is a sans serif typeface with a clean, modern look. These typefaces complement each other and work well with our Primary Mark and logos. Two stylized typefaces in our brand font family are Aachen, which has a bold, collegiate feel, and Sloop, a script for more formal communication. These stylized typefaces should be used sparingly as design accents.

For more information about A&M branding as a whole please visit the Texas A&M University's Division of Marketing & Communications or the Texas A&M University System's Office of Marketing and Communications pages.

Bob Wright

Robert "Bob" Wright
Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

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Shantelle Patterson

Shantelle Patterson
Communications Specialist

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