Brand Colors

Besides consistent use of logos, another unifying visual component is consistent use of color. The university color palette was created to complement our signature color, Aggie Maroon™.

Aggie Maroon™ is a custom Pantone® color created to offer a standard hue for all maroon used to promote or represent Texas A&M. Following are formulas for achieving Aggie Maroon™ for commercial printing and web:

Aggie Maroon Pantone

For 4-color Offset Printing:

C=15 M=100 Y=39 K=69

For spot-color Offset Printing:

Coated paper:

Pantone Yellow 012 - 9.00

Pantone Rubine Red - 36.00

Pantone Black - 25.00

Pantone Trans. White - 30.00

Uncoated paper:

Pantone Yellow 012 - 13.90

Pantone Rubine Red - 70.00

Pantone Black - 16.10

For Web

Hex: 500000

RGB: 80,0,0

Print Color Palette (CMYK)

Pieces designed for commercial printing will use either 4-color process (CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow, black) or spot color using a Pantone® number (often referred to as PMS, which stands for Pantone Matching System®). Other printing methods, such as using a laser printer or a digital press, may require test prints to determine which color mix works best on individual devices.

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Print Palette

Electronic Color Palette (RGB/Hex)

The web color palette uses RGB (red, green, blue) or hexadecimal codes to achieve certain colors on screen. Because computer monitors, operating systems and browsers vary wildly, the web palette contains multiple shades and tints of the print palette.

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RGB Palette

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Web Palette