TAMUG Branding FAQ

Why do we have to follow A&M brand guidelines?

As a branch campus of Texas A&M University, we benefit from being part of the Texas A&M System, the Aggie Family, the Former Student Association, and the A&M Foundation. As a result, our brand image is overseen by representatives at the main campus. Our image reflects their image and vice versa. By building a stronger brand, we are becoming a more professionally and visible part of one of the largest university systems in the world.

Can I center the text on my business card?

No. All text on the new TAMUG business card design is required to appear in the approved format. Text cannot be centered; colors, fonts or font sizes cannot be altered; the logo cannot be altered or swapped for another logo; the addition of a secondary logo to a business card must be approved by the Communications and Media Relations Department.

What if I print my own business cards?

Business cards printed on personal printers do not represent the same level of professional quality as a print shop offers. Additionally, the thickness and type of paper, and Texas A&M colors used will not correspond to what is required.

What if I order my business cards from somewhere else?

Business cards ordered from print shops other than the TAMUG copy center may not meet required guidelines, and may not be recognized by the University.

Can I design my own letterhead?

Yes and no. A download is available here for letterhead. You can download this template and input your personal or department information. However, you cannot alter the layout or design for those templates.

Can I put my department logo on any print or web publications?

No. As of September 1, 2012, all secondary or individual logos will no longer be allowed for Texas A&M University colleges, departments, divisions, programs, centers, and other units. (mandate)

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us at: marcom@tamug.edu