Careers in Marine Biology

Why Marine Biology?

Job Opportunities:

Law Enforcement

Who Will Hire You:

Consulting Firms
Research Laboratories

Starting Salary Range:

$25,000-$45,000 Bachelor's
$35,000-$50,000 Master's
$50,000-$65,000 Ph.D.

Benefits of the Marine Biology Department

  • Public school costs with private school environment. 26-student average class size, 12:1 student/faculty ratio.
  • World-class coastal and environmental scientists doing research directly with undergraduate students.
  • Marine Biology/Biomedical Sciences major for pre-veterinary or pre-medical school preps.
  • Internships at Moody Gardens Aquarium, Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, Texas Institute of Oceanography, SeaWorld, and many others.
  • By-the-sea Mitchell Campus with immediate access to open ocean and estuarine areas.
  • New Wetlands Center to enhance environmental studies.

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