Master of Maritime Administration and Logistics

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The Master of Maritime Administration and Logistics (MMAL) degree is only offered through the Galveston campus of Texas A&M University. The curriculum prepares professionals for leadership positions in maritime transport and logistics in the public and private sectors. The program builds on the highly successful undergraduate program in Maritime Administration.

The MMAL program is designed for individual professionals in such fields as port management, supply chain management, public policy as it relates to marine transport and the coastal zone, inland waterways, coastal shipping, and international trade and financial transactions. The curriculum has significant business components in economics, finance, business analysis and management.

The MMAL degree requires 36 graduate credits. Twenty-one required credits constitute the core of the program. Fifteen additional credits are taken by students as electives according to their particular professional interests, in a thesis or non-thesis format. The Maritime Policy and Law track is designed for those seeking to enter public service and focuses on environmental stewardship in the public and private sectors.

The Shipping and Port Management track is intended for those more interested in the commercial side of the maritime industry. Students may also freely elect five electives that are not structurally part of either two tracks. Students may opt to write a thesis, six of the fifteen elective credits are directed toward original research for the thesis option.

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